My African Tale

Africa has for a long time been referred to as the “dark continent”, characterized by stories of despair. The recent past has however challenged this description, with many now realizing that the continent is in fact an inspiration hub. The Coca- Cola Company because of its believe in the continent launched the “A Billion Reasons to Believe in Africa” campaign in 2012, in an effort to be a part of the process of Africa discovering its potential, by having Africans tell their own stories. With its inclusive approach, the brand has managed to engage and inspire Africa’s youth to believe in themselves and work on realizing their dreams. In spite of the adversities that Africans face among them poverty, disease and conflict, the African culture is one that encourages sharing, cohesion and living in the moment in order to be happy. Africans through their rich heritage are reminded of what defines them and makes them unique. Through the “A Billion Reasons to Believe Campaign” by The Coca- Cola Company, Coke Studio which is a concept aimed at bringing together different African countries through music was initiated.


Coke Studio Africa provides a platform that enables various African artists to work together, diverting from their individual conventional style of expression, to create a new style that integrates different personalities.  During Season 2, Kenya’s  Jay A was paired with Nigeria’s Seyi Shay while Jackie Chandiru of Uganda worked with Tanzania’s Shaa, Coke clearly opening up our minds to the possibilities that are existent in Africa. It is also with such a platform that the universality of music is portrayed and once again, The Coca- Cola Company reminds us of its role in ensuring happiness by bringing us together as Africans.

Through the A Billion Reasons To Believe in Africa campaign, Coca- Cola Company advocates  for a spirit of adventure among the youth, in an effort to their understanding of who they are, the opportunities that surround them and how to use these opportunities to tell the African story in a unique yet amazing way. Eddy Kenzo through his song “Sitya Loss” introduced the world to a group of dancers comprising of children from the slums, with the song’s video going viral,  attracting over 12 million plus views. This just goes to show that Africa has so much to offer the world. However, for that to take place, we all have to take part in the Billion Reasons to Believe Campaign.


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