Opportunity comes knocking once


Coke Studio Africa has played a major role in promoting African music, by providing a platform that goes beyond physical and language barriers.By bringing together artists from different parts of the continent that would have otherwise not have met, a larger audience is provided for the participating artists, making it possible to spread their wings and to go beyond the imaginable.

It is because of Coke Studio Africa that I share Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz’ story of success. Diamond ventured into the music industry in 2007 and did Bongo Flavour, which is what Tanzania’s local music that resonates with the local audience is referred to. Bongo Flavour is done in Kiswahili, a language that is only used in Eastern Africa. However, Coca- Cola’s Coke Studio Africa initiative made it possible to reach a wider audience that is far and beyond Eastern Africa.

Through Coke Studio, Diamond was able to work with South Africa’s HHP for Season One and Yemmi Alade of Nigeria for Season Two. It is with such exposure that Diamond was introduced to the South African and Nigerian audience. Also, with such a platform, Diamond was able to meet and have collaborations with Nigerian star Davido for the Number One Remix, Nigeria’s Iyanya for Nakupenda and the recent “Nana” featuring Flavor.

That said, Diamond is no longer a Tanzanian star but a continental icon of success with world- wide recognition.


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