Coca- Cola is a brand that I have grown with, having seen me through different stages in my life. My child- hood experiences with Coca- Cola Products stand out, always making me smile and wish I would turn back the hands of time. This is why;

My friends and I would collect bottle tops from Coca Cola products, either from home or from nearby shops which we would then later use to play a game called “Turner”. As the name suggests, “Turner” involved turning inverted bottle tops and having them (about two- hundred) all face up within the shortest time possible. In order to win the game, one had to have the most number of inverted bottle tops facing up within the shortest time.It was always frustrating to have to share some of my collected bottle tops with my brother who rarely invested as much time and effort in collecting his own. I would however gladly assist to fix the bottle tops which were the “wheels” for his make- shift metallic car.

My friends and I spent every Saturday afternoon waiting for the “Coca- Cola ice cream man” who sold ice- cream from his Coca- Cola branded coolers for as low as Ksh. 5. Each one of us had to be alert and strategically positioned in the estate entrances to ensure that we do not miss out on our weekly dose of ice- cream. Upon his arrival, everyone had a role to shout as loud as possible, informing those who were unaware of the presence of the “Coca- Cola ice cream man” .

A coke cooler (Image courtesy of
A coke cooler (Image courtesy of

The Coca- Cola bottle crates that were often stacked together outside shops were a great hiding spot while playing hide and seek. In most cases, one would forget that they were hiding, only to later realize that it was getting dark, start crying and find a reason that would be good enough to spare them from a spanking for getting home late.

Its funny how my brother and I would be sent by my parents but refuse to go. However, when a Coke was offered as a reward, it became a battle over who was going to get to where we were sent first. That was the only incentive we both needed to get things done.

My mother made it a ritual for my family and I to visit children’s homes during festivities such as Easter and Christmas, where we would always bring along food stuffs and Coca- Cola products. It was always fascinating to see how excited these children would get at receiving a soda and learning that unlike them, I was privileged to have a soda whenever a wanted to.

Growing up, every social gathering with family and friends was marked by the presence of Coca- Cola brands; Fanta, Sprite and Coca- Cola. It was also at such gatherings that those around me would engage in small talk and share hearty laughs, while enjoying their Coca- Cola.

It is with all the mentioned experiences that I have come to appreciate the Coca- Cola brand which formed a major part of my childhood experiences and has been a part of my journey in being the person that I am today.


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