Beyond the title.

The much awaited 2015 BET Awards finally took place, with Ghana’s Stonebwoy winning the Best International Act Africa Category and Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo walking away with the Viewers choice Best New International Artist Award.

Uganda's Eddy Kenzo - Viewer's Choice Best New International Artist BET 2015 awards (Image courtesy of
Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo – Viewer’s Choice Best New International Artist BET 2015 awards (Image courtesy of

While both awards signify an appreciation for the artists’ contribution to the music industry, this is what it actually means beyond the earned titles:

Stonebwoy and Eddy Kenzo are now not only stars in Africa but the world all over, thanks to these awards. The platform provides great exposure and the world will certainly be looking out to see what is next from these two artists.

Stonebwoy and Eddy Kenzo have paved the way for other Ghanian and Ugandan artists as people will now want to explore more of the music from the two countries that these BET winners represent. Hence, the win is not just limited to the two but to the entire music industry of the countries that they each represent.

Everyone wants to be associated with a well- known and winning brand. The same principle applies to Stonebwoy and Kenzo. Individual artists and corporates would want to be identified with these two brands in an effort to push their own brands.

Both titles come with more responsibility. Hence, much more will be expected not just from Stonebwoy and Kenzo but other nominees for the same category and African artists at large. While everyone will be working to up their game, we are set for more quality music from the African continent.

Stonebwoy & Sauti Sol BET 2015 (Image courtesy of
Stonebwoy & Sauti Sol BET 2015 (Image courtesy of

Stonebwoy and Kenzo would certainly be able to negotiate for higher rates, being the international stars that they now both are.

With the win, both artists are an encouragement and a challenge to other African artists to do better and ensure good quality music.

On the Flip Side:

While the win for both artists signify great mileage for Africa’s music industry as a whole, there is still a lot more that needs to be done to ensure that indeed the winners get the needed exposure.


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