Undisputed King of Queens

Yemmi Alade‘s Temperature is the 5th song off her “King of Queens” album. Produced by Effyyzzie Music Group’s Dil, a producer and an RnB singer who also features in the song, this is definitely in my list one of the most amazing African tunes of 2015.

Yemmi Alade Temperature Video Poster (Image courtesy of notjustok.com)
Yemmi Alade Temperature Video Poster (Image courtesy of notjustok.com)

With a mix of English and Igbo languages, the song proves Yemmi Alade’s versatility as an artist. Compared to Johnny and Tangerine where the singer came off as tough and strong, Temperature reveals a different side to her, which is warm and vulnerable. The strong vocals by both Yemmi Alade and Dil add quality to the audio bit of the song, making the listening experience pleasurable. While the visuals for the song were done in London, the African in it has not been lost as Yemmi Alade embraces the beauty of African print and chunky jewellery. Her make- up is well done, skin glowing and the hair still very African like in her other videos. The use of color for the video is perfect and this combined with all other mentioned aspects, this is a video that you would be drawn to watch to the very end.

Yemmi Alade (Image courtesy of olorisupergal.com)
Yemmi Alade (Image courtesy of olorisupergal.com)

The four minute song has Yemmi Alade starting us off and then later joined by Dil who makes it conversational, which is what love and relationships are all about. Each of the artists is in a different place yet still connected by what they feel for their lovers. The fact that the video has been built on a story and with such expression of emotion especially by Yemmi Alade as she talks to her lover on phone makes the audience connect with the song and its message, which is very important. The video is simple and yet still very elegant.

Notably, Yemmi Alade has been very consistent in ensuring that her videos are relate-able making her the “girl next door with amazing talent that everyone has no choice but to love”. This incredible laid back song certainly proves that she is indeed a King of Queens and a force to be reckoned with.

Rating: 4/5


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