Top 10 best African Dance Songs.

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The African culture is one that is very expressive. Since time immemorial, dance has been amongst the major ways through which we express who we are and how we feel. Even when music keeps evolving and being refined by new generations, dance still remains to be largely popular and a major selling point for African music.

With simple moves and a hook that is memorable, artists are now making hit songs that are proving to outlive their music careers. Some artists such as Tanzania’s Diamond and Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo have embraced dance as an important aspect in their music, with song after song introducing a new routine. Such are the kind of songs that even those “with two left feet” would get excited about in public and join the others on the dance floor doing the routine.

Here is my top ten list of the best dance songs that we have had in Africa this far:

10. Azonto- Fuse ODG Ft. Tiffany & Donae’o.

While it may seem like an easy one watching someone else doing it, the Azonto dance is one that needs a high level of concentration and co- ordination so as to get it right. Once you do though, you will certainly enjoy dancing along to it.

9. Moyo Wangu- Diamond

As mentioned earlier, Diamond is among African artists who have embraced dance as an important aspect in their music. Hence, while the audio to this one was good, the dance in it made it excellent.

8. Afrikan Skank-JJC

Forget everything else, the reason why I love this song is that it incorporates so many different dance styles from all over Africa, including “The maasai”. This is one that everyone will be willing to take up as they try to show off their diversity as “dancers”.

7. Sekem- MC Galaxy

Be careful though not to have your shoes worn out while on this one. It is however one that you would enjoy dancing along to, even with strangers (especially if you have a one pack like some of the men in the video).

6. Cara Cara- K.O Ft. KiD X

The catchy tune aside, I love the simple Cara Cara dance. Oh! And there is a flip in between, which you might miss out on if you’re lost into the music.

5. Skelewu- Davido

Anyone can do the Skelewu dance (well except for Larry Madowo). Just have your hands move in harmony and be sure not to look like a fool while at it. Be flexible and all will be well.

4. Jika- Mi Casa

The fact that an old man can dance along to the Jika dance should be motivation enough for you to dance perfectly to this one. How hard can it be anyway?

3. Kukere- Iyanya.

The reason why we all fell in love with Iyanya. Yes, this is still amongst the best songs he has ever done throughout his music career.

2. Sura Yako- Sauti Sol

They called it the Lipala dance. You don’t have to wait for the chorus for you to have fun with this one as it is very versatile and would therefore keep you up on your feet throughout the whole song.

1.Nana- Diamond ft. Flavour

And yet you are still wondering why Diamond is doing so well! Maybe it’s because it is still new and fresh, but this has got to be the best African dance song.

Which of these is your favorite and why?
I would love to know. Send me a video of you dancing to it if possible as well 🙂


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