Music Review: Two of Dem- Victoria Kimani

Victoria Kimani- Two of Dem cover (Image courtesy of
Victoria Kimani- Two of Dem cover (Image courtesy of

Two of Dem by Victoria Kimani is based on the concept of having everything by the double, making the most of life and ultimately getting all that one wants. The message behind the song is clearly brought out through the video, having Tanzania’s Vanessa Mdee and South Africa’s Nomuzi Mabena making a cameo, with both being successful women in their different fields and therefore the best representatives of what Kimani is talking about on this one.

The song was produced by OHK Entertainment‘s Drey Beatz, a Nigerian producer and recording artist, who has previously worked with top Nigerian artists among them Skales, Ice Prince and rapper MI. Victoria Kimani’s strong vocal ability is evident on Two of Dem, with noted maturity as an artist. Compared to Show, Prokoto and Mtoto which were all club bangers, Two of Dem is more laid back, with a contemporary RNB feel to it.

The video that is 3 minutes and 8 seconds long was directed by South Africa’s Media and Film Production House Studio Space, with the shooting also done in South Africa. The video helps in telling better the story behind the song, beginning with Kimani walking across a dessert, with the sun beaming on the horizon, creating a perfect mental picture of the world being an open space, full of hope and opportunities waiting to be explored.


Nomuzi, Victoria and Vanessa on Two of Dem set (Image courtesy of
Nomuzi, Victoria and Vanessa on Two of Dem set (Image courtesy of

The neutral colored background on the rest of the video is easy on the eye and ensures focus on the message behind the song and Victoria Kimani as an artist, which is what a good video ought to do. Besides having lighting that is perfect and a resulting clarity of the video, the make-up on Kimani is just right, accentuating only that which needs to be accentuated. Even while she has others including dancers and two great stars on the video, she still owns the spot-light.Like in every of her other songs, she explores her femininity with great sex appeal expressed through her dressing. However,Kimani is notably subtle on this one, rocking black hair.

On the Flip Side:
The artificial colored effects popping up every once in a while are unnecessary and clearly not well thought through.

That aside, Two of Dem is definitely a quality video that compliments a good audio track and one that can compete on an international level.
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