#ElaniSpeaks- Way forward.

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Just in case you live under a rock, the MCSK has been in the limelight since yesterday, following the opening up of Elani about the organization’s failure in paying royalties. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that artists are complaining over dues owed to them, as we have previously had gospel artists Pitson and Ringtone raise similar concerns. Clearly there is lack of transparency in MCSK, an organization that is ironically supposed to look out for artists and ensure that they get what is rightfully theirs. Imagine if Elani as big as they are initially received only KSh. 31, 000 before complaining about it, how about that up- coming artist without a voice or that kid who aspires to be an artist in future? What future do they have?

Needless to say, the irregularities in MCSK cannot be over- looked but then again, we can talk about it all week long then forget about it, or  begin to look for possible solutions that will ensure our artists are well compensated for their work from now henceforth.

MCSK needs to be accountable to someone.

We need an authority that will monitor what the organization does and have it called out in case of any discrepancies.This way, the organization looses its autonomy and the free will of those working there to do whatever they want to, whenever they want to.

There needs to be an open system available to radio station operators, the MCSK and artists

This would be a sure way that every one does what they ought to do and are accountable to each other. There would not be an excuse as to why a radio station operator is giving a log with false information or why the MCSK is not “monitoring a particular TV or radio station.”

Artists can come together with other industry players to monitor their own progress.

While it might be the work of MCSK to collect what rightfully belongs to them, artists also have a personal responsibility to ensure that they monitor how they are doing in clubs, radio stations and salons. Build networks and get the information that you need when you need it so that no one can deceive you. That is how business owners manage their businesses even with employees. They have their eyes and ears wide open and are aware of everything that happens to their business, even with people to do that kind of work. As hard as it might be, create time to monitor your own progress.

What more do you think ought to be done for our artists to be compensated accordingly?






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