3 Reasons why Yemmi Alade’s Swahili Version of “Na Gode” is a brilliant idea

Yemmi Alade as recently revealed is indeed amongst the most influential personalities in Africa. Needless to say, her charismatic personality and great sense of style have played a major role in creating audience interest in her, but her key selling point has remained to be her personalized style of music fused with a modern African sound.

Yemmi recently released a video for her Swahili Version of “Na Gode” and while I still prefer the original version of the song that featured Selebobo, this is definitely a win for this diva, and here is why;

1.”Na Gode’s original version was a HIT

The song therefore did not need another version. Yemmi did it anyway and even went a step ahead to release a video for the already successful song. People take notes- this girl does not understand the concept of being comfortable, which is important for anyone who wants to be successful.

2. Yemmi made it more about her audience
Yemmi Alade is a huge deal. (Heck! Nigerian music is a huge deal…back to Yemmi though) Whether she decides to sing in Igbo, Yoruba or English languages, people would still give her song a chance, whether they understood it or not. But the fact that she made this about her audience and a very niche audience to be precise makes her a great artist.

3. Again, she invested in a video for the song

Unlike what most artists would have done which is to do a different version of the song but in audio form only, Yemmi went a step ahead and did a video that compliments the audio, which is simply genius.

Which of the two versions of “Na Gode” do you prefer?


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