The end of a phenomenal Hip Hop Era

Ugandan Rapper Keko (Image Courtesy of

Hear that? (Yeah!…The sound of my heart breaking) after learning that Keko was done  recording music. Just how does one among the best Femcees Africa has ever had quit music  few years into the game?..There go my dreams of her collaboration with STL..and..wait for it, AKA. It may take me the longest time to stop yearning for more of this musical geniuses prowess.  Meanwhile, I will seize this opportunity to high light what I thought were the most outstanding achievements of Keko during her five years (or so) in the music industry.

Venturing into a male dominated industry

It’s one thing to be bold enough to venture into the unknown, its another to be so good that you take over and make everything else seem like child play. Keko has constantly proven to be amongst the  best rappers of Uganda, raising the standards of a previously unrecognized sector of the industry and putting her country’s music on a global map,  something that very few Ugandan artists have managed to do.

Signing with Sony Music

Tell me how many  African artists  have managed to get a record deal with a music label that manages top international artists such as Alicia Keys, Pink, Usher and Christina Aguilera? Still trying to think of someone? Well..Keko was one amongst thousands of artists to have Sony Music Label believe in her great talent and invest in her brand. (Now that’s how you know you are an A- List artist)


Keko has received recognition for her music through various awards including the Pearl of Africa Music Awards; Best Hip Hop Act of 2011, Buzz Award Winner; Best Female artist in three consecutive years, 2011, 2012 and 2013 and the most notable 2011 Channel O Most Gifted East African Video.


Keko is one amongst the very few artists with sick bars and can sing too.I know..SUPER WOMAN. But yes, diversity never gets old. People appreciate good music and great talent, just don’t serve them with the same food that they like over and over again, which they  eventually are guaranteed to get tired of. Keko had already figured this out and every meal (musically speaking) was different.

I leave you with one among my favorite songs from Keko.





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