Music Review: Pascal Tokodi- Sitaki


My friend Pepper requested that I review Pascal‘s Sitaki and all I did through the rest of that day was think about the song and draft short notes about it. So here we are, I definitely had to do a review.

First things first, I am so glad that we could get more of Pascal even after Techno Own the Stage. Rarely do we get artists and especially those from Africa advance their music careers after participating in musical contests, (which makes me question how relevant such contests are).

Sitaki (Swahili for “I don’t want”) is a simple title  and yet one that easily got me curious, to listen to the song just to find out what exactly Pascal does not want.  The 4 minutes and 13 seconds video to the song will also get you hooked in the first 5 seconds as a girl is running away from a man, but with another waiting for her by the gate on a motorbike, a story that you would certainly want to follow up on.

Directed by Natasha Likimani, the screen writer for Veve, the video is black and white, with a simple setting in a modern home, making it very easy on the eye. This is however not your traditional Kenyan music video, with a sensual touch  (but rightfully so, based on what Pascal is singing about). Both Pascal and his video vixen Niki Behr are actors with excellent acting skills and great chemistry, making their story believable.

For the longest time, Anto NeoSoul has remained unchallenged as one of Kenya’s top male vocalists but now, we  have Pascal who will be giving him a run for his money. Pascal has an amazing voice with equally strong vocals. (His is not just the ordinary “I Can sing” type of voice.)The tone of his voice  on Sitaki is also appropriately mellow, passing across the message of love in the best way possible. It is also hard to miss out on the passion in his voice that would make anyone listening long for the kind of love that he sings about on this particular jam.

The audio was produced by Malcom Kashan, a 19 year old producer. The sound is amazing with notable beat similarity to Sauti Sol’s Still The One, just faster. So good is the song  that Acey Gracey of Usoni Band has already done a cover (Pascal was giving away Ksh. 50, 000 to the person who does the best cover).

Pascal’s first song Usiniache is no longer available online  and so we can treat this as his debut song, considering we have nothing to compare it with.All in all, Sitaki is a great  song and I cannot wait to see what’s next from Pascal.

Is there a song that you would like me to review? Let me know







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