Black Coffee’s win was more about having the best songs as opposed to hit songs; Rapper Fid Q weighs in.

BET 2016  Best International Act Africa Nominees (Image courtesy of
BET 2016 Best International Act Africa Awards Nominees (Image courtesy of

Yes!Yes! I know that the 2016 BET Awards are long gone but just one more conversation to go. So while we all thought that the Best International Act award would be bagged by Wizkid, considering how big a brand he has become..(with his recent collaboration with Tinie Tempah, tour with Chris Brown,  topping UK charts along with Drake for 11 straight weeks…what were these people looking for?….seriously), life slapped us right in the face with one among its many surprises and instead had Black Coffee scoop the award.

Whether you knew Black Coffee or not prior to the BET nomination, Tanzanian Rapper Fid Q during a recent interview had the records set straight as to why the South African DJ won over every other nominee under the same category (that for some reason seemed way popular than him).

According to  Fid Q, most people expected big wigs Wizkid, Diamond or AKA to bring  the title home but  these expectations were not met due to the difference between  having “hit songs” and “best songs”, a concept that most artists rarely think about.

Fid Q pointed out that most award ceremonies focus to reward artists with the best songs as opposed to hit songs. The rapper also went ahead to explain that Black Coffee may not be well known due to his unique style of music  that would rarely pass for “hit songs”, but that the South African star receives wider recognition than it may seem like it, getting heavy rotation in South African Clubs as well as other parts of the world.

Truth be told, I hadn’t really thought much about what Fid Q said until he did and then I had to start thinking if at all our modern artists have any best songs. (Because at the end of the day, you want a song that will be in high rotation and have everyone talking about you….which unfortunately means a hit song would work more as compared to a best song)

So what exactly is the difference between a hit song and a best song?…(*clears throat*)… According to Wikipedia, a hit song is a recorded single that is popular, gets repeated air play and makes it to an official music chart. Most hit songs are seasonal, getting an audience excited for a short period such as a month or two, after which they get phased out. On the other hand, a best song is a timeless song carefully thought through and put together with great structure, creativity and with the ability to impact. A good example of a hit song could be Koo Koo by Elani, while a best song that wasn’t  necessarily a hit song is Hapo Zamani (I use the same band so that it make more sense).

Is it possible to merge the two?…(i.e.  To have a best song that can pass for a hit song?)…I am not an artist (do not quote me) but I think that it is. You just have to be creative enough and ensure that you meet your target audience’s demands.

What do you think?…..Do you agree with Fid Q or not?



Introducing AfroTrap King: KC Pozzy



KC Pozzy (Image courtesy of
KC Pozzy (Image courtesy of


KC Pozzy’s Record label Motive Entertainment hit me up with his latest EP (that is now available on I- Tunes and being the African Music Enthusiast that I am, I definitely had to sample his music. (I honestly had not heard of him before). Guess what?…After sampling, I loved it…so here we are….ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you to the AfroTrap King;  KC Pozzy.

KC Pozzy  is an AfroTrap artist, originally from Nigeria but currently based in the UK. (Don’t worry, I too had no idea what AfroTrap Music was until I learned about KC)… He defines AfroTrap Music as the very popular Afro Beat sound  infused with trap music which is mainly associated with among others rappers such as Future, Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane.

(Now that you are schooled…..Il send you an invoice laterJ)….KC Pozzy was raised in Lagos Nigeria, but abandoned by his father at the age

of 10, after which he had to fend for himself in the streets of Lagos. His passion for music then had him sing his way out of Nigeria and into United Kingdom. In 2002, KC made the decision to explore other cultures and lifestyles, with the hope of finding his inner self, a decision that had him live in America, Thailand, Canada, Malaysia and Turkey.

KC Pozzy mainly draws inspiration from his musical hero Fela Kuti from Nigeria and European influence from R&B singer Seal. This is in addition to his travel outside Europe that had provided additional inspiration which contributes greatly to his unique music compilations.

The AfroTrap artist looks forward to working with likeminded and world class artists, who share his passion and open mindedness. Further, he hopes to drum up major support across different platforms all around the world.


KC’s EP titled The New King is Born dropped on 11th April 2016 with hit songs such as Look at Me now, Aprochigana, Ice Water Boy and Player Hater.

“I just want to contribute to this great industry and art as music makes up such a fundamental part of whom I am”, he says.

Get to sample his music as well and tell me what you think….