Music Review: Nkwatako- Sheebah Karungi


If there’s a song I have been listening to every single day for the past one month or so, it has to be Nkwatako by Sheebah Karungi. The beats, Sheebah’s strong personality brought out and of course the Luganda flow in it is simply amazing.

Just in case you don’t know, Sheebah was previously an Obsessions member, having joined the musical girl group in 2007 but left in 2009, with the need to change the direction of her career, as she felt she would achieve more as a solo artist. She then started her own label, alongside Chameleon’s brother Pallaso, Team No Sleep (TNS), one that till date she is a part of.

Back to Nkwatako,( Luganda for “Touch Me”), a story of two lovers who are having differences but in efforts to restore their previously good relationship. The song’s beats have an up- beat characteristic to them with a Dancehall feel, one that you could dance along to and have fun while at. Primarily done in Luganda, with a mix of English and Jamaica’s Patois language, the vocal quality is excellent, with consistency and notable confidence.

The intro is well done, slowly getting you into the song and perfectly setting it up, with a light trumpet vibe and lyrics that you would be forced to play over and over again just to get them right, in order to enjoy the song more.

The video was shot in Uganda’s Entebbe, by the country’s leading videographer Sasha Vybz, who also did Sheebah and Pallaso’s Go Down Low, Leila and Chameleon’s Relaxing as well as Iryn Ntale’s Ono Mwana. With Sheebah being the good dancer that she is, her well-choreographed moves with her dancers would have you glued to your screen while attempting to learn the moves, even with two left feet.

Behind the scenes- Nkwatako video shoot
Behind the scenes Nkwatako Video Shoot (Image courtesy of


The video concept of a street bash at a basement parking is certainly a breath of fresh air but unfortunately, one that was poorly executed. The non- complimentary relation between the audio and the video fails to tell the story of what exactly Sheebah is talking about on the song, which is what any good video ought to do. Besides the dancing, there is really not much worth watching.

That aside, compared to her previous songs among them Twesana, Sili Zari and  Ndiwanjawulo, this has got to be one of my personal favorite songs from Sheebah. Not to restrict her creative space, but I feel like the TNS singer delivers more when she goes for the up- beat danceable kind of songs.

Watch it and let me know what you think…



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