3 Reasons why the Yemmi Alade/ Sauti Sol collabo is amongst the best of this decade.

You’ve probably already watched Africa by Yemi Alade and Sauti Sol and thought that this has got to be amongst the best things to have happened to the continent. I do agree with you, so let’s get down to exploring the 3 major factors that have contributed to making this the outstanding collaboration that it is.

  1. Credibility

It’s one thing to say that you are proudly African, but another to have a lifestyle that constantly confirms the statement to be true.

Long before Africans had discovered the potential of afro- pop, Sauti Sol was bold enough to explore this unique genre with authenticity that was previously rare. Simple music with an acoustic feel and meaningful lyrics have characterized their music and slowly but steadily been embraced as a unique African export, that sells within and beyond the continent.

On the other hand, Yemi is one who has rightfully earned the “Mama Africa” title, through her expressive persona and exemplary dressing that constantly represents the continental values. Need I say more?…The song is a perfect piece of art consistent with who Yemi and Sauti Sol are and what they have constantly proven to believe in, making them equally believable on this one.

  1. The East and West representation

Nigeria has for a long time been thought of as the “capital of African Music.” Having an East (Kenya) and West (Nigeria) representation of Africa in the song is a brilliant idea with an undeniable inclusive approach that speaks oneness and a common vision of general continental thrive.


  1. Great chemistry


If you watched Yemmi Alade performing with Sauti Sol on Coke Studio Africa Season 3, then you would know that the boy band blends perfectly with the Nigerian star, you would think it was a group of 5. Great energy, exceptional talent that isn’t afraid to push boundaries, this is definitely a match made in heaven.


Boy am I glad that this wasn’t a charity kind of collaboration…(the kind that has such a big star being paid to feature on a mediocre song by an upcoming artist, after which we as the audience have to deal with the nightmare of a song but act like we like it simply because our favorite artist is on it).

Share what you think about the Yemi/ Sauti Sol collaboration too.


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