Every two weeks, I update my playlist. I know! I know! People do more mature things like listing down goals and strategies of how to get there. I do that too, but listen….life can be hard, and you do need good music to get you through it. Avoid boring yourself to death by listening to the same songs over and over again, by adding this top three must have tunes to your playlist. (You’re welcome)

  1. Gudi Gudi- Evalast, Naiboi and Kristoff


Never have I heard such corny lyrics that are equally amusing. Think about it…Cheki mwanaume nimekula sembe, juu mpaka chini nikona zigwembe. (So sorry to my non Swahili/Slang speaking folks, this one is quite hard to translate and would only make sense if you are Kenyan).

Kwa keja yetu viti zina makitambaa, na mother hatakangi niletee wasichana, so baby twende tupitie routi panya.

Il stop myself before I end up writing the entire lyrics to the song, but before I do, get your dancing shoes on…ain’t no better way to enjoy this one.

  1. Wivu- Jux


Confession…I am a hopeless romantic. The type that will put up with a series that I may not necessarily like until the final episode when an acting couple that was fighting finally gets back together. Anything on romance does it for me and if you love yourself some laid back RnB, then this is definitely it.

3. Bad- Tiwa Savage and Wizkid


I feel so  “BAD” every time I listen to this song and want to drive around town in a classic Volkswagen with music pumped all the way up.  Very few songs have the ability to take you to a whole new world as you listen to them and for that particular reason, this is a must have.



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