The latest African songs you should be sampling

Hey Loves!

First things first, Happy New Month, hope you are loving October already. As for me well…I couldn’t be more thankful for life. Down to business and I thought I could fill you in on the latest African Jams that have just dropped and then you get to decide which ones we spin and which ones we bin.

Feza Kezzy- Walete

Most Tanzanian artists have recently been opting to have South African directors working on their music videos. However, watching Hascana’s input to this particular video might just be that hmmmh moment when artists can finally entrust local video directors with  their music videos. And am I the only one who thinks Feza Kessy looks like Jacqueline Wolper especially when they are both rocking a short blonde hair do?

Gbagbe Oshi- Davido

FINALLY! His record label allowed him to release a video. (Don’t sign record deals with International Companies people- It’s a trap) .That said, it’s good to have Davido back and active in the music industry and thankfully, he is still on top of his game (musically speaking)

Lady Jaydee- Sawa Na Wao

If there’s anything I love about Jaydee is that she has remained consistent and yet futuristic enough to evolve with the times and compete with emerging artists in a competitive industry.

Patoranking/ Phyno- Money

With the number of collaborations that Patoranking has been doing in the past year or so, it’s hard to imagine what a song that he does all alone would sound like. All the same, Patoranking never disappoints so I really can’t fault him for that.

Baraka Da Prince & Ali Kiba- Nisamehe

Ali Kiba does seem set on collaborating with up- coming stars, providing them a plat form for growth, which is rather rare in the music industry. But maybe other artists could learn from Kiba and pick up the same?..just maybe?

Stonebwoy- Problem

He might be a “Dance Hall King”, but Stonebwoy surely knows how to tune his music in a way that will attract even an audience that may not necessarily like this genre of music.

So which of these songs are you feeling and which ones are you not?… Also, do tell why you like or do not like them.

P.S: I was thinking I could do this more regularly (that is, share the latest African Jams with you), perhaps every Monday or new month, (not decided yet). But would you like that?…Do let me know.

Have a blessed week ahead!


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