Patty Monroe changing Africa’s rap game


Patty Monre (Image courtesy of

If you listen to South African Hip Hop, then you know that it’s serious business with a holistic culture behind it, dynamism and unpredictability. Top positions in the industry are rarely reserved for a select few due to the existing stiff competition, which is probably why I wasn’t shocked by my sudden interest in Ms. Patty Monroe .

I first heard her song “Talk” on Radio a few months back and despite not knowing who she was or the song’s title, kept humming along to the tune for over a week. Then I heard “Killing it” that features Uganda’s Bebe Cool and knew I had to find out who the hell this girl was.


If you haven’t heard of Patty Monroe, then allow me to introduce you to freshness and authenticity that I last heard from the likes of legendary stars such as MC Lyte and  Lil Kim. If you have heard of her, then join me in celebrating this outstanding talent from South Africa who is set to change the rap scene in the continent.

Patty Monroe decided to be a rapper at the age of 15, when she joined The Night of Beat Bangaz, a hip hop platform run by DJ Ready D and DJ E-20. Aiming to take Hip Hop to a whole new level, she seeks to rightfully earn her place in the industry through her music, not as a femcee, but an emcee.

2 words to describe her music: fresh and funky. In her early 20s, mark my words, this girl is heading straight to the top of the list of best African Artists.

Here is my selection of my favorite Patty Monroe songs.

  1. Talk


  1. High fashion



  1. Killing it ft Bebe Cool



How about you? Which is your favourite Patty Monroe song?


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