Throw back African Songs that you must listen to

Allow me the honors of taking you down memory lane as we reminisce on the good old days of some of the best throwback African tunes that ever existed.

10. Michael Ross- Yooyo

If there’s a song that was beautifully put together with much thought but effortless excellence, it has to be this one. I have to admit people, I was sprung at the first listen.

9. African Queen

So this is why I respect 2Face (Now Tubaba). At a time when white skinny women were viewed as the epitome of beauty, he changed the conversation, shifting focus to the African woman and the world took notice.

8. Obsessions- Jangu

So this is the main reason that I just did not like these girls; perfect waist lines and amazing moves that only they could pull, making the rest of us look bad. All these then they decided to break up…(rolls eyes) why????

7. Bushoke ft. K-lynn- Nalia Kwa Furaha

I’m still trying to find myself the kind of love talked about on this particular jam…(if at all it exists)…..even the real Gs that I knew back then melted down on this one.

6. Ndihamba Nawe- Mafikizolo

Truth be told, I did not like this song when I first heard it. (Enough of that look- I was young and stupid.) Flash forward 2016 and this has got to be one of the most amazing songs I have listened to in my life. From the melody to the rhythm, I definitely see myself walking down the isle to this song…(well,I might need to find out what it means first before rushing to add it to my wedding playlist….help anyone?)

5. Kweli- Waridi Ft. K- Rupt

Someone explain what happened to Waridi? How do you have such an amazing song then just up and leave for good? Not cool dude, not cool!

4. Maria Salome- Saida Karoli

I am not really sure why Saida Karoli was laughing so hard at the beginning of this song, but I do know that this was a massive tune. And if you have listened to Diamond‘s rendition, then you probably appreciate this song even more- one word; BOMB!

3. . Magic system- 1er Gou


I do not understand a single word, but it sounds good and makes me so proud to be African. Plus, this is one of those songs I think I would bond with my dad over…you feel me?

2. Moss Moss- E- Sir Ft. Brenda

What’s a throw back playlist without E-Sir, right? (God bless his soul). He might be gone, but he remains to be one of the greatest African artists to have lived.

  1. Vulindlela- Brenda Fassie


Am I the only one thinking that after Diamond’s rendition of Maria Salome, someone ought to do a rendition of Vulindlela? And not just anyone…I’m thinking along the lines ofΒ  Yemmi, Wizkid or Sauti Sol…..get my drift? (people that are musical legends in the making, (just incase we are yet to be on the same page)). Now stop whatever it is that you are doing if you haven’t listened to this jam, get onto it and thank me later.

Any other song you think deserves to be on this throwback list?

Do let me know.




2 thoughts on “Throw back African Songs that you must listen to

  1. Wow!!! My morning has been made. Not so often I get to listen to this. No.s 9, 6 & 1.
    My all time favourites back then. I loved 1 more because I sang it in my first year in high school choir 😊😊😊.
    Nice post Felly,

    Liked by 1 person

    • You sang Vulindlela in your first year of high school? Wow! Please send me an audio via wats app of you singing it? That would just make my day:)
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your favorites…


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