Top 15 African Songs of 2016

Hey guys,

Hope you are enjoying your holidays as much as I am. Just 2 more days before we say good bye to 2016 and I would like to share my list of what I thought were the  15 most amazing African tunes of 2016.

15. Pana-Tekno

Let’s just agree on the fact that 2016 has been a great year for Tekno and that he would be among the list of African artists to watch out for in 2017. Something about multi- talented artists that can play an instrument, produce music, sing and dance. Their understanding of different aspects of music makes them such a tough lot to beat, which is probably why Tekno made it to my list.


14. Jux- Wivu


Ok, so it might be the beautiful Tanzanian Swahili, Jux‘s voice or simply the mere fact that I love love. Either way, this was a smash hit and one that surely took Jux’s career to a whole new level.

13. Dance for me- Eugy Ft. Mr. Eazi

I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to fuse the Shoki, Alkayida and Dab dance routines- pure genius I tell you, pure genius. (Which reminds me, I’ve been planning to do a dance video of this song since the first time I heard it. Not sure why I haven’t done it yet but I will most definitely do it then post it on IG, so watch out for that) @FelistaEsolio is my handle 😉

12. Kucheza-Mafikizolo

Written by Vannesa Mdee, Kly and The duo, I haven’t heard or seen a better and more creative piece of work than this. Now let’s do this right, grab your dancing shoes and move along to the beat.

11. Gudi Gudi- Everlast Ft. Naiboi and Kristoff

It was recognized as the Break through video of the year during this year’s Pulse Music Video Awards and I couldn’t agree more. This is one of those songs that will have you smiling at the corny lyrics while at the same time dancing along to the feel good beats….two words- CLUB BANGER!

10. Bank Alert- PSquare

They might have had some misunderstanding that had us convinced that we were done hearing from them but the PSquare brothers surely do know how to pull themselves together and get back to their grind like they never left. It’s a beautiful African beat that tells such a beautiful story- you have to love it.

9. Afrika- Yemi Alade ft. Sauti Sol

Best believe that when Mama Africa and Sauti Sol come together, it is nothing short of AMAZING. I mean, we already established that on Coke Studio Africa Season 3 but dang! this was on another level. The fact that it celebrates the African Continent and all that makes it so beautiful, I had to have it on my list.

8. Bad- Tiwa Savage Ft. Wizkid


I said it before, I will say it again, this song got me feeling so “BAD” Plus, its a perfect collaboration between music geniuses, yooh! I have no idea how Tiwa Savage will be able to top this one up.

7. Nkwatako- Sheebah Karungi

I have always loved Sheebah Karungi, but this right here sealed my love and commitment to her music. And with the song’s sick beats, even I who can’t dance to save my own life would be forced to hit the dance floor at the risk of embarrassing myself among thousands of onlookers.

6. Biko- Lola Rae Ft. Davido

If you belong to the group of people that have accused Lola Rae of using auto- tune on her songs, you should listen to one of her interviews– I promise, this girl has a natural sweet soft spoken voice. That said, with or without auto- tune, I love this song to bits.

5. No kissing- Patoranking Ft. Sarkodie

Just when you thought you heard all that was to be offered by Patoranking, he hits again. And name an artist that makes Hip Hop sound as good as Sarkodie……Still thinking? Well……..that’s because there is NONE. This rare DancehallHip Hop fuse is one that will go down in history’s books.

4. Mungu Pekee- Nyashinski

You know you are pure talent when you only have a lyric video and yet attract over 900, 000 views. (Some artists have to release an official video and wait for weeks or even months before it gets half a million views). I am so glad that Nyash is back and with the undeniable growth in his craft, I can’t wait to hear more of what he has to offer. (If you haven’t watched Yemi Alade’s cover of this song, do yourself a favor and thank me later)

3. Nishike- Christian Bella

Christian Bella is truly God’s gift to African music..His is a such a distinct sound that carefully combines Lingala and Bongo Music- truth is, you haven’t listened to beautiful music if you haven’t listened to Bella.

2. Muziki- Darassa Ft. Ben Pol

I can’t help but hear Darassa’s voice in my head telling me to “Wacha maneno weka muziki” (Quit talking and turn on the music) as I think about a description for this song. For that reason, I will send you to my IG- go check out my lip syncing of this song and let’s just let the music speak for itself.

1. Salome- Diamond Platnumz ft. Rayvanny

My number one tune for 2016 had to be Salome…who else would have “brought back to life” the legendary Saida Karoli in such an honorable manner? I will say this once and you can quote me five years from now, Diamond is a  music legend in the making.

Did any of your top songs for 2016 make it to my list? Do you think that there are other songs that should have been on my list?

Do let me know!








4 African songs that were written for other artists

Have you ever listened to a particular artist’s song and thought that they have such amazing talent but would do much better if they had someone else write their songs for them?..Well, so have I. Truth is, there are two types of artists; those who sing like a bird and those that write exceptionally well- rarely does one get both combined. While the concept of artists writing for others artists is common abroad, with the likes of Ne- YoSia, Pharrel Williams and Gaga being among A-List song writers that have penned down some of the most iconic songs in the world’s history, only a handful of African artists have embraced the idea.So here we go, the very few bold enough artists from the continent that have maximized on other artist’s strength and then combined that with their own, to have a masterpiece.

Mwema & Nikupendeze- Written by Mr. Vee, Performed by Mercy Masika

I have to admit that Mr. Vee is one of the best writers that I know; thanks to  his precise composition with lyrics that are clearly well thought through. A song writer with impact, it is easy to tell that Mr. Vee does not just strive to sound “musically correct” or have a hit,  but have his audience reflect on certain issues, long after listening to his compositions, which rarely happens with today’s modern day artists.


Yule dem- Written by Amileena, Performed by Avril

For a song that celebrates the woman and having to think about Avril‘s mark in the music world, her acting skills, role in the world of beauty, she would definitely have anyone believing in the shift in the modern woman’s place in society, showing strength in character and undisputed courage.

Kucheza- Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and  The Duo, Perfomed by Mafikizolo

The only song on my list that has been written by more than one artist and yet still, none of which performed this song. Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and the Duo, this is as VMoney’s prediction, a SMASH HIT!!! (that had me feeling some typa way and hoping for more collaborations like this around the continent.)


Which other songs do you know that have been written for other African artists?…..Do let me know