4 African songs that were written for other artists

Have you ever listened to a particular artist’s song and thought that they have such amazing talent but would do much better if they had someone else write their songs for them?..Well, so have I. Truth is, there are two types of artists; those who sing like a bird and those that write exceptionally well- rarely does one get both combined. While the concept of artists writing for others artists is common abroad, with the likes of Ne- YoSia, Pharrel Williams and Gaga being among A-List song writers that have penned down some of the most iconic songs in the world’s history, only a handful of African artists have embraced the idea.So here we go, the very few bold enough artists from the continent that have maximized on other artist’s strength and then combined that with their own, to have a masterpiece.

Mwema & Nikupendeze- Written by Mr. Vee, Performed by Mercy Masika

I have to admit that Mr. Vee is one of the best writers that I know; thanks to  his precise composition with lyrics that are clearly well thought through. A song writer with impact, it is easy to tell that Mr. Vee does not just strive to sound “musically correct” or have a hit,  but have his audience reflect on certain issues, long after listening to his compositions, which rarely happens with today’s modern day artists.


Yule dem- Written by Amileena, Performed by Avril

For a song that celebrates the woman and having to think about Avril‘s mark in the music world, her acting skills, role in the world of beauty, she would definitely have anyone believing in the shift in the modern woman’s place in society, showing strength in character and undisputed courage.

Kucheza- Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and  The Duo, Perfomed by Mafikizolo

The only song on my list that has been written by more than one artist and yet still, none of which performed this song. Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and the Duo, this is as VMoney’s prediction, a SMASH HIT!!! (that had me feeling some typa way and hoping for more collaborations like this around the continent.)


Which other songs do you know that have been written for other African artists?…..Do let me know









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