3 African artists to watch out for in 2017

Happy New Year!

I know! I know! 18 days late but have you heard of Holiday Blues?…as real as hell people. Anyway, I am back now, more energized than ever and ready to get this wheel rolling.

So how about we talk about the 3 artists that you should look out for in the year 2017?

3. Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah (Image courtesy of bigeye.ug)
Sheebah Karungi (Image courtesy of chimpreports.com)

If there’s an artist I know that invested in having as much content out there as possible in 2016, it had to be Sheebah. I might not have liked everything she put out, but it was clear that she had one goal; to ensure that her audience doesn’t forget about her. And now having conquered Uganda, I am hoping that this would be the year where Sheebah starts broadening her horizons because the rest of Africa is certainly ready for her.

2. Patty Monroe

Patty Monroe (Image courtesy of girlzwiki.com)

Patty Monroe has redefined Hip Hop Music, reminding us of the importance of personalized style that has now become almost rare, in Africa’s Music Scene. For this particular reason, you should watch out for her this year as she builds a timeless brand that will keep you interested for the long haul.

1. Nyashinski

Nyashinski (Image courtesy of kiss100.com)

You only leave the music scene for about eight years and comeback with an unimaginable bang  if you are Nyash. And just like wine, as he ages (musically speaking), he only gets better. There is noted growth in his sound, song writing skills and creativity and if he keeps it up, he might just overthrow the reigning kings (or has he done that already)?

Which other artists do you think we should look out for in 2017?