Music Review; China Love- Victoria Kimani Ft. R.City

China is notoriously known for it’s rampant production of counterfeit goods. Whether it’s that phone, beauty product or designer bag that you’ve been dying to own but can’t necessarily afford, you can bet that you will find a knockoff of it in China. And if you are lucky enough, you can get away with it without anyone knowing that it’s fake. So when Victoria Kimani sings about “China Love”, she is referring to that fake kinda love (which I think exists more than the number of human beings on planet earth).

The song was produced by Nigeria’s Drey Beatz, whose characteristic heavy and rhythmic drum patterns are impossible to miss. Drey also produced among others Victoria Kimani’s Two of Dem, Tubaba’s Home Sweet Home and Ice Prince’s Marry you. Featured on the song is award winning Theron Thomas of the Rock City duo- that are currently such a big deal. Don’t believe me? R. City besides being incredibly talented singers and performers have some mad song writing skills, having written Rihanna’s Man Down, Iyaz’ Replay, Pussy Cat Dolls’ When I grow up, Sean Kingston’s Take you there– the list is endless. Did I mention that Victoria’s song writing skill is also off the chains having written songs for other artists as well? Now you know the creativity behind the song.

To describe Victoria’s vocal range on this song  as “incredible” would be an understatement- you’d be forgiven to think that she uses auto- tune. THE GIRL CAN SING. The chorus and hook are very catchy; you can tell she was aiming for a hit song.  Theron’s join in gets me excited but having Victoria harmonize through his lines takes the  song to a whole new level for me.

The video that was shot in Beijing China and New York was directed by Dae Visuals and  Victoria herself, who was also behind the wardrobe and makeup. The breathtaking scenery of the Great Wall of China and colorful background as we are walked through the streets is everything that you would like and enjoy to watch. Simple and yet very appealing to the eye.

The general idea of the song according to Victoria Kimani is to patiently wait for something real rather than settle for anything less than what is truly deserved.

Here’s what I don’t get though; Victoria sings about that not wanting China love and yet selects China as her shoot location,(which is already shade in itself). The incredible shots taken to express something that she would not want is beyond me. Or is it that I just don’t get art?

Let me know via the comments section below, as well as if you like the song or not.


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