New Music Video Alert: Yemi Alade- Go Down


Off her “Black Magic” Album (Delux Version), here is Yemi‘s latest video, Go Down. Shot and directed by Paul Gambit, this is a bit too mellow for me. Not that mellow is bad. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get you through an early morning, late night working or lazy Sunday afternoon.  I have to be honest though. It wasn’t one of those that I heard and instantly fell in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song but there’s something about Yemi Alade that has me looking forward to her releases every darn time. Audio or video. They’ll be some great beats to “Chacha” to, a mind blowing music video with a story that will have me hooked from the start to the end or some sick dance moves that I will try but miserably fail to emulate. It’s just what she does. And this…this wasn’t it.

It might take time to grow on me, a couple of more listens perhaps. (I will let you know when I have a change of heart about it). Or maybe I’m just not part of the audience that the song was aimed for, considering it’s part of a Delux album collection. But still unexpected, which is a trait that I highly appreciate on artists.

What do you think about it?

Let me know via the comments section below.



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