New Music Discovery: King Saha- Biri Biri


While fans of this song have been jamming to it since late May this year, I’m a bit late on it, having only listened to it this past weekend. I have to admit that this is one of the most amazing music discoveries that I have made recently.  Truth is, I always had “Biri Biri”  popping up and being suggested on my playlist but for some reason, I’m always skipping it. Then last weekend happened. On my way back home after such a long day, the song came on and I was so mad at myself for not having paid attention to it earlier. It was love at the first listen. Although I was thrown into a roller coaster of emotions as I progressed through the song.

First I was amazed at how beautiful the song was. Then I was whipping uncontrollably because I thought it was Mowzey Radio and was pondering on the huge loss the music industry was at after his death. But even with all that, (you’ll be proud!) I still remembered to Shazam the song so that I could get the title………..People! I was crying for King Saha and not Mowzey Radio!

I have a friend that is really into King Saha’s music. Has been since I knew her in 2011. For me, I did not pay much attention to him until I heard this song. King Saha has such a distinct voice that’s hard to miss and mimic, with so much soul in it, which are traits he shares with the late Radio. I have read through the comments on the “Biri Biri” song and people say that he’s the only vocalist in Uganda that can take Radio’s place. I strongly disagree.

There has been and can only be one Mowzey Radio. Just like there can only be one King Saha. I’d really  hate it if music lovers and fans of the late Radio would put pressure on King Saha to take up the late’s place in the music industry, making him forget to be himself. Boxing him in such a way that he fails to explore the potential within him and experiment with his sound as he tries to fill up the late’s shoes and therefore walking along the late’s path and not his own.

King Saha has such great potential. “Alina potential” as Radio would sing. But let’s allow to him walk his own path and use his individuality to contribute something different to the music industry, other than what Radio already contributed. That’s how we honor Mowzey’s legacy and realize his vision for the music industry. King Saha can get inspiration from Radio, pick a few lessons from him, but BE King Saha. That’s all.

What do you think?

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The freaky relationship between Ciara, Tekno and Tiwa Savage.

My heart is about to jump off it’s cage from excitement because even the queen of dance recognizes the beauty in African Music. By the queen of dance, I obviously mean Ciara. She has a brand new track with Nigeria‘s Teknomiles. As if that’s not enough, it was sampled from Tiwa Savage‘s Before Nko, that features D’Prince.

The official video isn’t out yet, but Ciara has been going ham on promoting the song, releasing snippets of dance videos to the song shot in South Africa’s Soweto. In the videos, Ciara and her dancers  are adorned in traditional Zulu dresses  and beaded jewelry.

While I absolutely love the fact that Ciara is celebrating different cultural elements about Africa  through the song’s beats, dance and dressing, no one can tell the African story better than an African.  Don’t get me wrong,  I LOVE Ciara. If you know me personally then you know that she is one of my favorite artists of all time. And yet still one of the most underrated female artists we have in the world. She doesn’t get the credit that she truly deserves.

That aside, I love that she actually featured and sampled African artists on the song, which is so rare for international artists. (They mostly want to “celebrate” Africa but with the least if not none association with actual Africans). You can tell the kind of authenticity aimed at with this song.

If I’m being honest, I personally had not heard Tiwa’s version of the song until Ciara came along with this rendition. With this song and the kind of influence that Ciara commands, Tiwa Savage, Tekno and D’Prince’s music careers are about to be elevated to a whole new level and I’m so stocked about that! But this isn’t about Ciara.

I would love to see the day when Africans  would stop waiting to receive recognition from outsiders in order to realize and appreciate how much we have to offer and contribute to the world. The grass always seems greener on the other side. The Western world has better structures that ensure an artists’s success more than we do. And yes,  they do have greater returns on their music more than our artists do. They are greatly advantaged when it comes to technological development and the kind of exposure that they enjoy. All that is true. But we also have the advantage of being African.

We have such great diversity and rich cultures. That’s our advantage. We have such fascinating individual and communal stories to tell, good and bad, but all of which contribute to making the continent as colorful as it is. We need to explore that before we allow others to do so and beat us at our own game. If Ciara in all her glory can recognize what impact such a collaboration and telling of the African story can make, why is it so damn hard for we ourselves to realize the power that we hold?

All I am saying is, let’s believe in ourselves more. Let’s challenge ourselves more. Let’s tell the African story  more. No one can sell Africa better than an African.

New Music Video Alert; Sauti Sol Ft. Patoranking- Melanin


Let’s just start with how gorgeous the women on this video are. I love the fact that being dark skinned, (contrary to before) is now appreciated for the beauty that it really is. I am all for celebrating women in all shapes and sizes and beyond happy that the world finally embracing the diversity that there is in women. *Raises glass* A toast to this celebration of dark skinned women.

Plus, let’s not forget how long we’ve been waiting for this collaboration to happen. Patoranking has been collaborating with artists across Africa, left, right and center and it’s about time he did this one with Kenya’s musical treasure, Sauti Sol.

What do you think about it?


New Music Alert: Mimi Mars- Sitamani


Fresh off the Mdee Music Label is Mimi Mars‘ Sitamani. The song is pleasantly different from her songs Shuga and Dede. If you are one of those that couldn’t tell her apart from Vanessa Mdee, thanks to this song, considering that you are paying attention, you can tell that she has her own unique voice and is finally ready to start exploring with different genres of music. The song was produced at Switch Studios.

G Nako Covers Alikiba’s Seduce Me


In a rare creative combination of  RnB and Hip Hop elements comes this brand new cover of Alikiba‘s hit song, Seduce me by Weusi’s G Nako.  An unexpected but refreshing twist to the original version of the song,  thanks to G Nako’s unique style of music that has him own the song despite it being a cover.


I don’t know about you but I am really loving the cover.

Tell me what you think about it as well via the comments section below.

Is it a hit or a miss?


New Music Alert: Wizkid Ft. Future


I’m no longer sure if Africa can still claim Wizkid to be it’s own because damn! he be making some boss moves all around the world. Here he is with his latest song alongside Future “Everytime”. I still cannot place my finger on what song these beats are similar to. But if you can figure it out, leave me a comment below. As well as if you are feeling the song or not.



Music Review: Slowly- Meddy

If you haven’t discovered Slowly by Rwanda‘s Meddy, then sit on tight….I’m about to change your life. (Well, technically not me but you will be thanking me after this).


Meddy is a top Rwandan RNB Artist. His latest track “Slowly”, (produced by MoMusic) is a  ride through a story of an overwhelming love that possibly leads to being overpowered. (Listening to the audio alone, you would assume that Uganda‘s Maurice Kirya is behind the song’s vocals, due to the resemblance of the two artists’ voice).

With Meddy’s mellow toned voice, you are guaranteed of a pleasurable listening experience that would have you wanting to listen to him even more. His previous songs are done mostly in Kinyarwanda. Much as music is a universal language, it’s great to not only enjoy a song, but to also be able to understand what exactly you’re enjoying, which you do with Slowly (if you do not speak Kinyarwanda).

I would have loved the video concept better with a more compelling story line,  just to get a feel of this kind of overwhelming love. That aside, the lighting is just right, with good use of color, a cast that is well put together in terms of their wardrobe and make up. Meddy’s love interest  on the video (assuming she is Rwandese), truly is  a living testimony of the “Rwandan girls are among the most beautiful women in Africa” notion. (Can I get an Amen?)

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself, then you will definitely love this song. And even if “hopeless romantic” may not fit your description, if you love some good RNB music, you will love this one. Soulful, sensual and a must listen to.

What do you think about it?

Also, let me know if there’s another Urban African Song you would like me to review.


New Audio Alert: Christian Bella Ft. Joh Makini

I swear Tanzanian artists are releasing songs every 5 minutes…Christian Bella and Joh Makini are at it again with this brand new track, “Niende Wapi” (Where do I go), a story on a lover’s broken promise of loyalty.

I love Christian Bella’s vibe that takes me back to the early 2000s when great Lingala music controlled airwaves.  And if you read my blog, then you probably know that I ADORE Joh Makini. I have to be honest though. While the song is OK,  I had higher expectations as I have seen each one of the artists  do better individually and as a team on their previous collaboration with Weusi (which Joh Makini is also a part of). My thoughts though…

What do you think about it?