Vanessa Mdee; Money Mondays Album- My top 5 picks

Money Mondays Album Art

Vanessa Mdee dropped her long awaited “Money Mondays” Album and I finally got to listen to it all. Truth is, I was a bit hesitant at first, because I’m the type of person that will easily tire from listening to just one artist consecutively, no matter how good they are. I prefer a wider selection of music that features different artists and genres, depending on my mood, the time of the day and what’s currently going on in my life. So I knew I was going to listen to a song a day from the album, just to make sure that my mind didn’t wander off from boredom.  But as fate would have it, I got to listen to the album in it’s entirety in just one sitting (or rather commute). It was worth every minute spent listening.


18 tracks, (well, in real sense, 15), with an intro, 2 interludes, 2 bonus tracks and a special additional track that can be found exclusively on the new Vee Money App. (Though I did download the app and still can’t find the Konshens‘ collaboration- anyone else??) Irrespective of what you are into, whether it’s an up beat club or a mellow feel good song, you are guaranteed to have something that you will like on Money Mondays.

I am so glad that Vanessa had only 4 songs on the album that we had already listened to before, with the rest being exclusive and fresh music.  Who wants to stream (even for free) or download a music collection that they have heard already and probably moved on from? (I know I don’t!)

I was stoked beyond measure from track number 9 (Wet- which features GNako). Yes, the top 8 are good, but as soon as I got to 9, CHILD!!!!!I was in heaven.

Here is my list of top 5 tracks from Money Mondays that I will be listening to until my repeat button can’t function no more.

5. Floating on a wave

If you are as old as I am, then you definitely thank the heavens for RnB music,that is fast becoming rare in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong,  maybe it’s  just too evolved for me, but sometimes I have no idea what these youngins’ be singing about or it’s just too much for my liking. This song right here is a golden RnB track, with such raw emotions on it that qualifies it to my favorites’ list.

4. Scratch my back (ft. Radio and Weasel)

Ain’t nothing like the magical fusion of progressive Bongo music and Ugandan sounds on this particular jam. It’s different from what I am used to from Vanessa, but you can’t be mad at a creative whose work you could never predict. Plus, I am a sucker for a pleasurable listening experience, which is exactly what I got with this.

3. Wet (ft. GNako)

Vanessa Mdee and Nahreel are a match made in heaven. And I have never been more in love with GNako’s voice. They asked if they could make me sweat?? Well, it’s a yes considering all the dancing that I’m doing whenever I have this song on play. Absolute smash hit!!

2. Bambino (ft. Reekado Banks)

Am I the only one wondering what exactly Vanessa Mdee wants to  “sit down pon'”? I thought I enjoyed Move, but yooh! this afro-dancehall blend is on a whole other level.  Whitney Houston must be smiling from up above, because let’s be real, very few artists that sample songs as huge as “My love is your love” actually do justice to the originals.

1.The way you are

If you’re in a relationship and the person you’re with doesn’t make you feel like you can relate to this song because of how they treat you, then I hate to be the one to tell you this  but you’re in the wrong relationship. I love nothing more about this jam like the soul on Vanessa Mdee’s voice. A perfect work of art is all I can say.

Now go sample the album if you haven’t done that already and let me know whether you like it as much as I do, as well as  your favorite tracks on it.

Happy listening.



My 2017 Top 10 hottest African songs

Hey Loves!

Happy Holidays! (We’re still allowed to say that, right?) I hope that you are having yourself a great time with your loved ones, appreciating all that 2017 has had to offer (both good and bad)- we’re still here! and embracing yourself to be even better in 2018. If you’re doing anything other than that, then child, I hate to judge, but I am going to anyway- GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much recently, but I’m going to assume that you do understand the fact that this time should be immersed in family.

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ION, It’s been an incredible year for the African Music Scene. I’m so proud of how far the industry has come and the potential that it continues to show. I can’t begin to imagine how much bigger and even better next year will be.

There are so many other songs that I thought would make it to my list. As I said, it was a good year and this was such a hard compilation to do.  Either way, I had to. So here my top 10 hottest jams from Africa in 2017 are…..*drum rolls*

10. Shuga- Mimi Mars

What a way to make a debut into the music industry?! The second I heard this song, I knew that artists that had been in the game longer had been given a good run for their money. The energy on the song and vocal range displayed is everything that you would possibly want to listen to, when you’re feeling yourself or just in need of an instant mood uplift. I cannot wait to see and hear what more Mimi has to offer the music industry in 2018.

9. Mbozi Za Malwa- Bebe Cool & Sauti Sol

This was a collaboration that I least expected, but one that I thought was absolutely incredible. The unique blend of  Afro- Dancehall and Afro- Soul still fascinates me. I might not be able to get all the “Beer Tales” (which is the literal translation) being told through the song, but I still get to thoroughly enjoy and dance along to it.

8. Umenikamata- Jux

I’ve always loved Jux. I have however loved him even more in 2017.  Here’s why. Very few artists actually experience musical growth through their careers. It’s one thing to be a great artist, but it’s another to experiment with your sound and then when you finally master what works for you, using that to create your own signature music. And if you’re  smart enough, you go the extra mile,  tapping into other artists’ skills, combining their efforts with yours to recreate yourself. That has been Jux for us in 2017.

But let’s get back to the elements of this particular song!!!!! The audible guitar strokes, the saxophone, this is incredible live music that provides an extra- ordinary experience. And then Utaniua ?!! *Raises glass* Here’s to African Boy .

7. Phone- Ben Pol Ft. Mr. Eazi


This was that song that ushered me into 2017. I was so used to Ben Pol with slow mellow songs until I heard this and I was like, wait a minute….this is so different from what I am used to from him but such a pleasant surprise. Very relate-able and still so fresh.

6. Zilipendwa- WCB Family

They had me at the concept. (Side whisper) Although I was a bit skeptical about listening to a song as long as 5 minutes and 25 seconds. And not just that, with 7 different artists on it. Imagine if some nailed it and then one or two didn’t deliver on their parts. Then I have to sit here being all judgy and comparing them to their label mates for the rest of their musical careers, while wondering if at all they deserve to be a part of the WCB Family. Horrible, right?

But hey! They all delivered. Thankfully.  Every single artist came as creative as they could be, maintaining the theme and adding their own individual sound and style of music to their bits. This is my perfect way of reminiscing about the good old days. Plus, the “young-ins” can learn a thing or two from it.

5. Come Closer- Wizkid/ Drake

If there’s an artist that has sold Africa to the world, it’s Wizkid. Because of him, we’re no longer known for just poverty and diseases but for our vibrant culture, music, beautiful women- there’s so much more about us that the world has gotten to know of us as a continent through Wizkid. He and Drake are becoming one of my favorite music duos together- a  sure match made in heaven.

4. Particula

I like the music creatives’ combination on this one in particular. This was one explosive jam. I wish they had a female artist jump on it, (although I don’t know who would be my first choice to fit the song), but that would have been interesting to see. All the same, this was sick.

3. Davido- If

Kenyans might not have loved Tekno as much in 2017, but let’s give credit where it’s due and agree on the fact that he is one of the most talented music producers that we have from Africa. There’s something about him jumping on a beat that makes it a guaranteed instant hit song, like this one.

2. Ayo Jay- Want you

I was a bit late on discovering this song, but when I did, I fell madly in love with it. The African drums and smooth Island percussions are to die for.  With  Your Number being the smash that it was in 2016, it was a go hard or go home kind of situation for Ayo Jay, and I’m glad that he opted for the “go hard” . Now, I really want to listen to this song, all day, every day.

  1. Said


They did an official music video  for this song, but nothing beats a live performance. Especially not this live performance. The entire fusion with the band gave this song so much life. People don’t give enough credit to him, but Shado Chris who produced this jam totally killed it with the beats. Nasty C and Runtown are definitely stars to watch out for in 2018.

What were your favorite African jams for  2017?  Let me know via the comments section below.

Have a blessed New Year!

My top 10 Radio & Weasel songs at 10

Last week, Radio and Weasel or the Goodlyfe Crew (if you prefer) celebrated 10 years in music. It’s been a decade of drama, great collaborations but most importantly, incredible music. I have been a fan of this duo since the first time I heard about them and if you are too, then you are just at the right place. We’re about to take a trip down down memory lane, as I share what I think are their best songs yet, for the decade that they have been in the game.

  1. Zuena


Off their Nyambula Album, (which to me is their best album yet), the song that was sung for Bebe Cool’s wife , stirring so much controversy was released in 2008. Right about the same time when PSquare‘s No One Like You dropped. I still can’t tell who sampled whose beats.

Everytime I listened to this song, I wished I could be a Zuena for someone. That someone could sing about my beauty and yearn for my love with as much passion as there was in Radio’s voice. Such a beautiful song that had so much soul poured into it.

2. Ring a Bell (Club Remix)


Listen, I loved the original version of Nakudata, but as soon as I heard this remix, I knew that this was it.This was Goodlyfe’s sure way into the club with the song, irrespective of the already great reception of the original.  The beats are sick, the lyrics catchy,  just like on the original but with an added hook. This is how you do a remix to an already amazing tune.

3. Kuku


Who knew that being told you’re sweeter than kuku (chicken- for my non- Swahili speaking audiencewould sound so good?….Or that being the “salt in a man’s supu (soup)” would be something you would actually enjoy hearing? …There’s something special about using food to drive your point home in music. Ask Nigerian artists. Why else do you think Flavour sang, “My Jollof Rice oooh, how you de do today? My tomato Jos, I don de think about you” in Oyi? Or Tekno included “You say you like big Cassava” in Pana? Or Davido told his girl that “banana follows her” in Fall?. But I digress. Main point-this was an easy one to fall in love with.

4. Potential (featuring Gen. Ozzy)


This song was released in 2010 and I couldn’t wait for the official video to drop. 7 years down the line and I’m still patiently waiting. This song had potential like no one’s business.

Side Note:  If you’ve listened to Roberto‘s music, you’ve probably heard him mention “Brathahood“. Well, that happens to be the label under which he is signed to, alongside Ozzy (who is his brother) and a couple of other Zambian artists.

5. Bread and Butter


Like I said, there’s something special about using food to drive your point home in music. I don’t even have a clue what GNL  says at the beginning of the song but you have no idea how much it excites me. Plus, the moves would have me watching the video over and over again without getting tired of it.

5. Juju (featuring Allan Toniks)


OK! People, I have a confession. I’ve had a crush on Allan Toniks since forever. The guy could be singing the national anthem of Uganda and I would find it sexy. And no, I don’t need anyone to rescue me from his spell. Toniks’ vocals were a nice touch to the song, making this is one of my favorite collaborations from the duo. Not that he made the song, but sometimes, we need someone else to take us to even greater heights of success in our journey.

6. (Tukikole) neera


I love an artist/s that is versatile enough to be able to do good music in more than one genre.  For most of their songs, the Goodlyfe crew has focused on having club bangers,  so to be able to switch that up into this chilled love song, I was more than impressed.

7. Can’t let you go

I still can’t tell the exact number of neck pieces hanging on Radio’s neck. ION… Can we talk about just how beautiful the acting love interest on this video is?…Seriously, I wanted to dye my hair blonde just because she made me believe that a black girl could pull it off. The hook on this jam was EVERYTHING!! (Though why would you give a guy a wrong number?…Why not just refuse to give it to him?)

8. Magnetic


Everytime this song comes on, I want to get up, completely drown in the music and  dance. This must be love. I wish the two would work more with the producer behind this hit because child…….he surely makes some great beats.

10. Talk and Talk

This is one of those songs that I listen to every time I have naysayers talking *isht about me that they do not really know about. Away from enjoying the catchy  lyrics,  the most important message that you can get from it is that,  people will always talk, but keep going, do you.

10. Heart Attack

What can I say…? I love a creative song that will  have the most unbelievable lyrics, and yet still capture you enough to sing along.

I am so happy that these two made it to 10. I cannot wait to see what more they have to offer.

What are some of your best songs ever  from Radio and Weasel?

Drop me a comment below.



New EP Alert: Tiwa Savage- Sugarcane

Tiwa Savage - Sugarcane
Tiwa Savage’s EP Cover- Sugarcane

She wasn’t named the Beyonce of Africa for nothing. Tiwa Savage is truly in every sense the queen of African music.  Her latest six track EP, Sugarcane as the title suggests, is   sweet and packed with a whole lot of juice. My favorite- “Get it Now”. Well, that’s a title of a song on it but yeah, you should totally get it now (the EP).

Here’s the link

Let me know what your favorite track on the EP is via the comments section.

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Music discovery: Knii Lante- “You” Ft. Feli Nuna


Ladies and gentlemen, I think I just discovered a song that will change my life forever. I had my YouTube playlist on auto play and this “You” track (which was sponsored) came on….. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year.

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling it. From the audio, to the video that sells Africa in such a fantastic way…It’s an amazing addition to my current playlist.

What do you think about it?