Top 10 List of African tunes you should be jamming to.

What’s good?

The weekend is finally upon us and it’s not a great weekend unless you have some good music to jam to. Here are my top 10 which I just can’t get enough of. Do let me know via the comments section what you are currently listening to as well, so that I can also add onto my playlist.












Have a great weekend.


African party songs that you should be listening to.

Thank God it’s Friday. It’s been such a long week and so you need just the right kind of music to unwind, get into a party mood before dancing your way into a new week with it’s own share of responsibilities to be fulfilled.

Here’s a list of some of the songs you should be having on your playlist for that perfect enjoyable weekend.













Is there any other song that you think I should add to the list?

Let me know on the comments section below.

Do have yourself a fantastic weekend.

New Music Video Alert: Kaa Kijanja- Feza Kessy Ft. Nikki Wa Pili


Produced by Luffa, here is Feza Kessy‘s brand new video titled Kaa Kijanja featuring Nikki Wa Pili of Weusi.  Kaa Kijanja is Tanzanian Slang for “being alert or aware” (This is the simplest way I could translate it. If you can do a better translation, please leave me a comment below). Be alert or aware of who you are, what you want and doing whatever it takes to get that which you want. Simple understandable lyrics and yet a crucial call to invest all you need to (incuding time, commitment and effort) in order to succeed. The video is directed by Nicklass, who by the way did such an amazing job, don’t you think?

Do check it out and let me know what you think.



Top African artists’ songs banned in Nigeria; Protection or Curiosity Arousal?

Nigerian artists Olamide, Davido and 9ice have had five of their songs collectively banned from the country’s airwaves, over what has been described as offensive content. These are: Olamide’s “Wo” and “Wavy level“, Davido’s “Fall” and “If- Remix” as well as 9ice’s “Living Things“.

Two words: Double Standards. Here’s why; we ban our local artist’s content and yet allow foreign artists with similar or even worse content on our local media. (Neocolonialism at it’s best). The justification you may ask? Blurred out and/or censored equally “inappropriate” foreign content. Let me give you the perfect example;  the ban on the video to Nishike by Kenya‘s Sauti Sol, which is more or less like Trey Songz’ “Nana” video that got more than enough circulation on local  Kenyan media.

Here’s something that I think we can all agree on.  Banning certain content from the media only ignites more curiosity to an audience that may probably never have known about the existence of such content. (No thanks to the internet!)

We live in a world where it’s almost impossible to be shielded from exposure to anything and everything. How about more focus on having the right moral values that will help us make the right judgement on what to take up and what to leave?

As for our artists, do not shy away from expressing yourself with your art (as you should) …but, remember to maintain a balance and use your platform for positivism.

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Music Review; Shuga- Mimi Mars

Marianne Mdee popularly referred to as Mimi Mars is a TV presenter at  Tanzania’s TV1 and an MC. This is besides running a web- series titled A Day with Mimi, that gives exclusive access to her life, career and the person that she is. Mimi who is also Vanessa Mdee‘s younger sister is currently signed to the latter’s label, Mdee Music.

“Shuga” which is Mimi’s debut song  is a soulful RNB track produced by HighTable sounds, which is Tanzanian singer Barnaba’s . The audio that is 2 minutes and 58 seconds captures the high that is of being in love without exhausting us with unnecessary details, (considering how love as a topic in music can easily be cliche).

 The beats start of on a mellow note, but picks up as we head to the hook to a faster  danceable tempo, which basically explains how we get into love. It’s all mellow as we start out; we are still getting to know the other person and are uncertain about what to expect, only for it to pick up once we are comfortable with each other. Mimi’s vocals are soulful and richly harmonized, with a convincing tone that would have anyone that cares to listen want to experience the kind of love she is singing about. You can tell that she was aiming for a hit song, with the simple and easily memorable lyrics.

The video was shot in Dar es SalaamTanzania by Hascana who is a leading video director in Tanzania. An outdoor setting by the beach side with the right use of color which besides making the video a pleasant watch compliments the message of love. Mimi’s day make up for the video is subtle, balancing the expressive blonde bob, before transiting to the bold glittered lip with long purple hair that works well with night party life setting. Her different outfits and accessories used for the entire video are chic, expressing her dynamic style and individuality. She certainly has got that star look that would have people interested in her even when she is not releasing music, which is a winning star’s quality.

I personally like the story at the beginning of the song’s video that shows how Mimi and her love interest are concerned and take care of each other, which compliments the song’s message. I would have however preferred to have the personalized story line between her and her love interest progress through the entire video. Probably her noticing her love interest at a corner by himself after a long  day of preparing food for entire party, walking up to him and offering him a massage and food, (I am no music director though). Way better than the party set up that has all these other people unnecessarily whining. (My thoughts though and as I said, I am no music director).

However, as I watched this video,  I could not help but think of Vanessa Mdee’s Closer ( well, not the entire video but conceptually speaking, Mimi has her friends hanging out at night by the beach after which her and her love interest separate themselves for some alone time…see what I mean?).

That said, I absolutely think this is a winning song, both the audio and video. The message is  relate able especially if you are or have been in love, you understand what it’s like to care about someone and for them to reciprocate it and the happiness that comes with it all- real Shuga. Plus, it’s a great way to make a debut into the music industry and I will be expecting so much more from Mimi after this high note that she has started on.

I have to say though that the unfair truth is that people are going to be comparing Mimi to her to sister Vanessa Mdee, considering just how much the latter has done in the music industry for the short span that she has been around. Also, because Vanessa is her mentor. Though I also think that Mimi has what it takes to make a name for herself without having to hang onto her sister’s shadow.

What do you think about this particular song?

Drop me a comment below.

Also, if there is any other song you would like me to review, you have my contacts.



Update your playlist; Latest African Music Videos 2017


It’s been a while since I shared the latest African music videos so now that we are almost done with February this would be a perfect time to  have you update your playlist as we start off a new month. (I know! I know! One more day to March but because I can…why not?)These ones are the ones that I am currently obsessing on (videos to be precise…some of these audios I am still not so sure about). Be sure to check them out and then let me know what you think about them.

Yemi Alade, Mi Casa- Get Through This


When two power houses such as Yemi and Mi Casa come together you know it’s explosive, which is exactly what this jam is, just in a mellow way and I am perfectly OK with that.

Mimi Mars- Shuga

I will be doing an entire review of this particular song and video so for now, I won’t say much but watch out for that to know what exactly I think about this song.

Rosa Ree- Up in the air

I unfortunately decided to watch this video as soon as it dropped on my phone next to my 10 year old niece and now I just wish I was more patient in life especially because the video is already titled “Explicit”. That said, Tanzania is one of those countries in Africa that has such heavy weight Hip Hop artists that in my opinion are unshakeable but I can tell you for sure that they need to watch out for this girl.(You can quote me)

P.S: Am I the only one who thinks that Rosa Ree is such a soft name for such a hard core   type of artist?

Eddy Kenzo- Jubilation

I love the fact that I could be in the worst of moods but listen to an Eddy Kenzo song and then find myself smiling right after. Also, if you are a Ugandan artist or if you know any, thank this guy for paving the way for you.

Eugy- don Corleone


I could listen to Eugy all the day long- always fresh and his voice!….Good Lawd! *sighs*  Plus how good does this video look?…

Maleek Berry- 4 Me


There’s something about music producers turned artists that gives them an edge over every other artist out there. Probably because they have an understanding of the different dynamics of music and if you still don’t get I mean, Maleek Berry, Tekno Miles and Nahreel are just a few perfect examples of what I’m talking about.

GNAKO Ft Jux- Go Low


Each day, I fall in love more with Luffa ‘s work.This isn’t your average Bongo kind of song and I like an unpredictable tune that keeps things fresh and interesting.



3 African artists to watch out for in 2017

Happy New Year!

I know! I know! 18 days late but have you heard of Holiday Blues?…as real as hell people. Anyway, I am back now, more energized than ever and ready to get this wheel rolling.

So how about we talk about the 3 artists that you should look out for in the year 2017?

3. Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah (Image courtesy of
Sheebah Karungi (Image courtesy of

If there’s an artist I know that invested in having as much content out there as possible in 2016, it had to be Sheebah. I might not have liked everything she put out, but it was clear that she had one goal; to ensure that her audience doesn’t forget about her. And now having conquered Uganda, I am hoping that this would be the year where Sheebah starts broadening her horizons because the rest of Africa is certainly ready for her.

2. Patty Monroe

Patty Monroe (Image courtesy of

Patty Monroe has redefined Hip Hop Music, reminding us of the importance of personalized style that has now become almost rare, in Africa’s Music Scene. For this particular reason, you should watch out for her this year as she builds a timeless brand that will keep you interested for the long haul.

1. Nyashinski

Nyashinski (Image courtesy of

You only leave the music scene for about eight years and comeback with an unimaginable bang  if you are Nyash. And just like wine, as he ages (musically speaking), he only gets better. There is noted growth in his sound, song writing skills and creativity and if he keeps it up, he might just overthrow the reigning kings (or has he done that already)?

Which other artists do you think we should look out for in 2017?



4 African songs that were written for other artists

Have you ever listened to a particular artist’s song and thought that they have such amazing talent but would do much better if they had someone else write their songs for them?..Well, so have I. Truth is, there are two types of artists; those who sing like a bird and those that write exceptionally well- rarely does one get both combined. While the concept of artists writing for others artists is common abroad, with the likes of Ne- YoSia, Pharrel Williams and Gaga being among A-List song writers that have penned down some of the most iconic songs in the world’s history, only a handful of African artists have embraced the idea.So here we go, the very few bold enough artists from the continent that have maximized on other artist’s strength and then combined that with their own, to have a masterpiece.

Mwema & Nikupendeze- Written by Mr. Vee, Performed by Mercy Masika

I have to admit that Mr. Vee is one of the best writers that I know; thanks to  his precise composition with lyrics that are clearly well thought through. A song writer with impact, it is easy to tell that Mr. Vee does not just strive to sound “musically correct” or have a hit,  but have his audience reflect on certain issues, long after listening to his compositions, which rarely happens with today’s modern day artists.


Yule dem- Written by Amileena, Performed by Avril

For a song that celebrates the woman and having to think about Avril‘s mark in the music world, her acting skills, role in the world of beauty, she would definitely have anyone believing in the shift in the modern woman’s place in society, showing strength in character and undisputed courage.

Kucheza- Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and  The Duo, Perfomed by Mafikizolo

The only song on my list that has been written by more than one artist and yet still, none of which performed this song. Written by Vanessa Mdee, Kly and the Duo, this is as VMoney’s prediction, a SMASH HIT!!! (that had me feeling some typa way and hoping for more collaborations like this around the continent.)


Which other songs do you know that have been written for other African artists?…..Do let me know








Latest African Jams, 2016

Hey There!

Just before we say good bye to November and hello to December aka the festive season (you have no idea how excited I am for that), I thought I could get you up to speed with the latest African Jams. Because if I don’t, who will?….Without further ado, here is the list.

P.S: The list is too long for me to give my opinion about each of the songs.So how about you check them out then let me know via the comments section or my social media pages which songs you are feeling and which ones you ain’t.Sounds good?…Here we go..

Micasa Sucasa- Khaligraph Jones Ft. Cashy

If you follow my blog you know that I am not a Hip Hop head. But I do know when I listen to good music and this one, is one of those.


Omutima- AllanToniks


U don’t know- Justine Skye Ft. Wizkid


Masheesha-  H_Art The  Band Ft Bensoul


Coolest Kid in Africa- Davido Ft. Nasty C


Usiende- Gilad & Wendy


Muziki- Darassa Ft. Ben Pol

This has got to be one of the illest beats dropped in 2016, and rightfully so. Besides the song being produced by  not one but 3 top Tanzanian producers, ask any girl, Darassa’s voice is the isht!- all day, everyday.

Kcee Ft. Tekno- Tender


Vivian Ft. Jose Chameleon- Charm


Rich Mavoko Ft. Diamond Platnumz- Kokoro


Biko- Lola Rae Ft. Davido

Have you read the YouTube comments on this video?….. So Lola Rae is accused of over using auto tune. However, if you have listened to this girl’s voice as she talks, then you know that she does have a naturally auto- tuned voice (seriously).  Now allow me to love this song in peace…

Love You- Elani


Dume Suruali- MwanaFA Ft. Vanessa Mdee


It’s about time we had a phenomenal collaboration like this, (Keep ’em coming Vanessa, keep ’em coming). But for real though, are there girls who insult men right on the face because they are financially challenged?……..Lol! Whatever happened to good old love?..I however have to admit that  MwanaFA’s  clap- back got me good…(Nihonge na nunua nini, kwanini yaani, kuna kipi nisicho kijua, ina TV ndani?)…Jamani! I will leave it here.

For my non-Swahili speaking audience; (Why would I bribe, what am I buying and why would I, is there anything that I don’t know? Does it have a TV set inside)….(Ok, I’mma need you to hit up my social media pages for a full translation of what the song means)

Do like that- Korede Bello


Feel Good- Navy Kenzo Ft. Wilad


Upon Me- Kiss Daniel Ft. Sugarboy


Sowemo- Di’ja


Also, stalk me on Snap- gram. If I am lip syncing any of these songs, then you know it’s a HIT!

The latest African songs you should be sampling

Hey Loves!

First things first, Happy New Month, hope you are loving October already. As for me well…I couldn’t be more thankful for life. Down to business and I thought I could fill you in on the latest African Jams that have just dropped and then you get to decide which ones we spin and which ones we bin.

Feza Kezzy- Walete

Most Tanzanian artists have recently been opting to have South African directors working on their music videos. However, watching Hascana’s input to this particular video might just be that hmmmh moment when artists can finally entrust local video directors with  their music videos. And am I the only one who thinks Feza Kessy looks like Jacqueline Wolper especially when they are both rocking a short blonde hair do?

Gbagbe Oshi- Davido

FINALLY! His record label allowed him to release a video. (Don’t sign record deals with International Companies people- It’s a trap) .That said, it’s good to have Davido back and active in the music industry and thankfully, he is still on top of his game (musically speaking)

Lady Jaydee- Sawa Na Wao

If there’s anything I love about Jaydee is that she has remained consistent and yet futuristic enough to evolve with the times and compete with emerging artists in a competitive industry.

Patoranking/ Phyno- Money

With the number of collaborations that Patoranking has been doing in the past year or so, it’s hard to imagine what a song that he does all alone would sound like. All the same, Patoranking never disappoints so I really can’t fault him for that.

Baraka Da Prince & Ali Kiba- Nisamehe

Ali Kiba does seem set on collaborating with up- coming stars, providing them a plat form for growth, which is rather rare in the music industry. But maybe other artists could learn from Kiba and pick up the same?..just maybe?

Stonebwoy- Problem

He might be a “Dance Hall King”, but Stonebwoy surely knows how to tune his music in a way that will attract even an audience that may not necessarily like this genre of music.

So which of these songs are you feeling and which ones are you not?… Also, do tell why you like or do not like them.

P.S: I was thinking I could do this more regularly (that is, share the latest African Jams with you), perhaps every Monday or new month, (not decided yet). But would you like that?…Do let me know.

Have a blessed week ahead!