New Music Video Alert: Di’ Ja Ft. Tiwa Savage- The Way You Are (Gbadun You)



Damn I love how clean this video is! And is it just me or do the beats to this song seem like a slowed down mellow version of Tiwa’s All Over? (which probably explains the  “Baby Fresh on the beat and is killing them all of course”  reference at the beginning of the song?) That aside, I love the smooth afro- beat vibes on it.  As usual, Tiwa Savage adds a sassy powerful touch to it, so I will have this on replay for the next couple of days.

What about you? What do you think about the song?



Vanessa Mdee; Money Mondays Album- My top 5 picks

Money Mondays Album Art

Vanessa Mdee dropped her long awaited “Money Mondays” Album and I finally got to listen to it all. Truth is, I was a bit hesitant at first, because I’m the type of person that will easily tire from listening to just one artist consecutively, no matter how good they are. I prefer a wider selection of music that features different artists and genres, depending on my mood, the time of the day and what’s currently going on in my life. So I knew I was going to listen to a song a day from the album, just to make sure that my mind didn’t wander off from boredom.  But as fate would have it, I got to listen to the album in it’s entirety in just one sitting (or rather commute). It was worth every minute spent listening.


18 tracks, (well, in real sense, 15), with an intro, 2 interludes, 2 bonus tracks and a special additional track that can be found exclusively on the new Vee Money App. (Though I did download the app and still can’t find the Konshens‘ collaboration- anyone else??) Irrespective of what you are into, whether it’s an up beat club or a mellow feel good song, you are guaranteed to have something that you will like on Money Mondays.

I am so glad that Vanessa had only 4 songs on the album that we had already listened to before, with the rest being exclusive and fresh music.  Who wants to stream (even for free) or download a music collection that they have heard already and probably moved on from? (I know I don’t!)

I was stoked beyond measure from track number 9 (Wet- which features GNako). Yes, the top 8 are good, but as soon as I got to 9, CHILD!!!!!I was in heaven.

Here is my list of top 5 tracks from Money Mondays that I will be listening to until my repeat button can’t function no more.

5. Floating on a wave

If you are as old as I am, then you definitely thank the heavens for RnB music,that is fast becoming rare in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong,  maybe it’s  just too evolved for me, but sometimes I have no idea what these youngins’ be singing about or it’s just too much for my liking. This song right here is a golden RnB track, with such raw emotions on it that qualifies it to my favorites’ list.

4. Scratch my back (ft. Radio and Weasel)

Ain’t nothing like the magical fusion of progressive Bongo music and Ugandan sounds on this particular jam. It’s different from what I am used to from Vanessa, but you can’t be mad at a creative whose work you could never predict. Plus, I am a sucker for a pleasurable listening experience, which is exactly what I got with this.

3. Wet (ft. GNako)

Vanessa Mdee and Nahreel are a match made in heaven. And I have never been more in love with GNako’s voice. They asked if they could make me sweat?? Well, it’s a yes considering all the dancing that I’m doing whenever I have this song on play. Absolute smash hit!!

2. Bambino (ft. Reekado Banks)

Am I the only one wondering what exactly Vanessa Mdee wants to  “sit down pon'”? I thought I enjoyed Move, but yooh! this afro-dancehall blend is on a whole other level.  Whitney Houston must be smiling from up above, because let’s be real, very few artists that sample songs as huge as “My love is your love” actually do justice to the originals.

1.The way you are

If you’re in a relationship and the person you’re with doesn’t make you feel like you can relate to this song because of how they treat you, then I hate to be the one to tell you this  but you’re in the wrong relationship. I love nothing more about this jam like the soul on Vanessa Mdee’s voice. A perfect work of art is all I can say.

Now go sample the album if you haven’t done that already and let me know whether you like it as much as I do, as well as  your favorite tracks on it.

Happy listening.


Lesson from Tanzanian artists for a thriving music industry.


If you read my blog, then you have probably figured out by now that I am a keen follower of Tanzania’s music industry. And even if you’re a first timer, now you know. Last weekend, one of Tanzania’s leading female acts Shilole was getting married. In attendance were some of the country’s A-list stars, but that’s not what caught my attention. People!!! Tanzanian artists’ support for each other is beyond me. You would think that the guests was trying to outdo each others’ gifts to the  newly weds.

While Vanessa Mdee was sponsoring the couple’s honeymoon, Jux promised to pay for one of Shilole’s kids’ fee and any other school related cost for a whole year. Jokate on the other hand offered to pay for a business course for the bride, (whenever she was ready to take it up) that would help her grow her newly launched chilli business.

You’re probably thinking that it couldn’t get any better than that, right? Well, it could. It actually did. Harmonize told Shishi (as she is popularly referred to) to go window shopping of  a car worth 9 Million Tanzanian shillings ( USD 4050), for which he would pay for, in an effort to help further her business.

And then came Diamond……. He noted that he might want to offer the bride a gift that she probably already had or one that she might not necessarily need, and therefore gave her the choice to select her own wedding gift. (I know!! You don’t do that unless you’re Platnumz) She’s a smart woman though because while she was being advised by the MC to ask for another car, after a while of thinking, she settled for asking Diamond to use his platform to help in promoting her chilli business. Being the boss that he is, it was a done deal right there and then as Diamond promised to cater to all marketing costs that would help promote the  business.  (For a minute I thought she would ask to be signed to WCB or even a collaboration with Diamond but I’m not mad at her for her choice).

I was thinking about this whole scenario and couldn’t help but wonder if Kenyan artists (and creatives in general) are doing enough to support each other. It’s been said that Kenyans are one of the most aggressive and competitive lot in the world, which leaves room for little to no support for one another. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for it, but then again it is true that if you want to go faster, you should go by yourself. But if you want to go further, then go with others.

I’m not saying that creatives should be buying each other cars or paying for each others’ children’s fees or honeymoon. Support could be achieved without having to spend a dime. It could just be by using your huge platform to promote an upcoming artist’s song via social media, giving a referral or even just simple advise to a fellow artist on how to stay winning.

It could be a practice that is already on going but one that I just do not get to hear of  much, but I love doing rounds on Insta to just to find a Tanzanian artist doing a cover to a song by another artist or dancing along to a fellow artist’s song. Sometimes, I don’t even know about the existence of that particular song, but because it’s on my favorite artist’s feed, I get a chance to hear and then sample it. Not because you are featured on the song or because you stand from gaining from the song’s success, but because you understand the hustle that comes with putting out a song and respect those that actually put in the work.

I really hope that 2018 will be a year of difference for Kenya’s Music Industry. From DJs to media personalities to music promoters and event organizers. Let’s work together to build a richer industry.

New Music Video Alert: Yemi Alade- Go Down


Off her “Black Magic” Album (Delux Version), here is Yemi‘s latest video, Go Down. Shot and directed by Paul Gambit, this is a bit too mellow for me. Not that mellow is bad. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get you through an early morning, late night working or lazy Sunday afternoon.  I have to be honest though. It wasn’t one of those that I heard and instantly fell in love with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad song but there’s something about Yemi Alade that has me looking forward to her releases every darn time. Audio or video. They’ll be some great beats to “Chacha” to, a mind blowing music video with a story that will have me hooked from the start to the end or some sick dance moves that I will try but miserably fail to emulate. It’s just what she does. And this…this wasn’t it.

It might take time to grow on me, a couple of more listens perhaps. (I will let you know when I have a change of heart about it). Or maybe I’m just not part of the audience that the song was aimed for, considering it’s part of a Delux album collection. But still unexpected, which is a trait that I highly appreciate on artists.

What do you think about it?

Let me know via the comments section below.


Sauti Sol serving some amazing #AfrikanSauce.

Allow me to officially wish you a happy 2018. It’s been extremely chaotic on my side. Transitioning from the holidays and trying to settle into the new year, laying out my goals and strategies on how to achieve them, dang! I wasn’t ready for this one. Or it wasn’t ready for me!…Yeah! That’s more like it now that I think about it. What I’m trying to say is that the planning stage of everything that you do is just as important as the execution stage, so plan like your life depends on it. No matter how long and how much of your energy it takes up. That said, I’m back here like I never left and I hope that you can stick with me to the very end and me with you.



Sauti Sol are back at it again, this time with a collaboration with Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage. This is their second video (after Melanin that featured Patoranking)  off their forthcoming collaborations LP, #AfrikanSauce. (A continuation of the Live and Die in Afrika theme). The song was produced by Maleek Berry  and co-written by Kenya’s Fena Gitu.

Nothing stands out to me about this LP like the role that it plays in bringing together various creatives across the spectra. Talk about Nviiri Sande, a Kenyan artist that I did not know about until Melanin, which he co-wrote, Brian Babu who styled Sauti Sol and Jekwuthestylist, who was in charge of Patoranking’s look. And of course Olusegun Adepoju & Yinka Sholola of Capital Dream Pictures.

This is definitely going to be a project that will provide such a huge platform for creatives across Africa, while selling the continent to the world through music, fashion, our beautiful women, our lifestyle. Just everything that is there to be loved about the continent. Buckle up because it is going to be an exciting ride.




My 2017 Top 10 hottest African songs

Hey Loves!

Happy Holidays! (We’re still allowed to say that, right?) I hope that you are having yourself a great time with your loved ones, appreciating all that 2017 has had to offer (both good and bad)- we’re still here! and embracing yourself to be even better in 2018. If you’re doing anything other than that, then child, I hate to judge, but I am going to anyway- GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much recently, but I’m going to assume that you do understand the fact that this time should be immersed in family.

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ION, It’s been an incredible year for the African Music Scene. I’m so proud of how far the industry has come and the potential that it continues to show. I can’t begin to imagine how much bigger and even better next year will be.

There are so many other songs that I thought would make it to my list. As I said, it was a good year and this was such a hard compilation to do.  Either way, I had to. So here my top 10 hottest jams from Africa in 2017 are…..*drum rolls*

10. Shuga- Mimi Mars

What a way to make a debut into the music industry?! The second I heard this song, I knew that artists that had been in the game longer had been given a good run for their money. The energy on the song and vocal range displayed is everything that you would possibly want to listen to, when you’re feeling yourself or just in need of an instant mood uplift. I cannot wait to see and hear what more Mimi has to offer the music industry in 2018.

9. Mbozi Za Malwa- Bebe Cool & Sauti Sol

This was a collaboration that I least expected, but one that I thought was absolutely incredible. The unique blend of  Afro- Dancehall and Afro- Soul still fascinates me. I might not be able to get all the “Beer Tales” (which is the literal translation) being told through the song, but I still get to thoroughly enjoy and dance along to it.

8. Umenikamata- Jux

I’ve always loved Jux. I have however loved him even more in 2017.  Here’s why. Very few artists actually experience musical growth through their careers. It’s one thing to be a great artist, but it’s another to experiment with your sound and then when you finally master what works for you, using that to create your own signature music. And if you’re  smart enough, you go the extra mile,  tapping into other artists’ skills, combining their efforts with yours to recreate yourself. That has been Jux for us in 2017.

But let’s get back to the elements of this particular song!!!!! The audible guitar strokes, the saxophone, this is incredible live music that provides an extra- ordinary experience. And then Utaniua ?!! *Raises glass* Here’s to African Boy .

7. Phone- Ben Pol Ft. Mr. Eazi


This was that song that ushered me into 2017. I was so used to Ben Pol with slow mellow songs until I heard this and I was like, wait a minute….this is so different from what I am used to from him but such a pleasant surprise. Very relate-able and still so fresh.

6. Zilipendwa- WCB Family

They had me at the concept. (Side whisper) Although I was a bit skeptical about listening to a song as long as 5 minutes and 25 seconds. And not just that, with 7 different artists on it. Imagine if some nailed it and then one or two didn’t deliver on their parts. Then I have to sit here being all judgy and comparing them to their label mates for the rest of their musical careers, while wondering if at all they deserve to be a part of the WCB Family. Horrible, right?

But hey! They all delivered. Thankfully.  Every single artist came as creative as they could be, maintaining the theme and adding their own individual sound and style of music to their bits. This is my perfect way of reminiscing about the good old days. Plus, the “young-ins” can learn a thing or two from it.

5. Come Closer- Wizkid/ Drake

If there’s an artist that has sold Africa to the world, it’s Wizkid. Because of him, we’re no longer known for just poverty and diseases but for our vibrant culture, music, beautiful women- there’s so much more about us that the world has gotten to know of us as a continent through Wizkid. He and Drake are becoming one of my favorite music duos together- a  sure match made in heaven.

4. Particula

I like the music creatives’ combination on this one in particular. This was one explosive jam. I wish they had a female artist jump on it, (although I don’t know who would be my first choice to fit the song), but that would have been interesting to see. All the same, this was sick.

3. Davido- If

Kenyans might not have loved Tekno as much in 2017, but let’s give credit where it’s due and agree on the fact that he is one of the most talented music producers that we have from Africa. There’s something about him jumping on a beat that makes it a guaranteed instant hit song, like this one.

2. Ayo Jay- Want you

I was a bit late on discovering this song, but when I did, I fell madly in love with it. The African drums and smooth Island percussions are to die for.  With  Your Number being the smash that it was in 2016, it was a go hard or go home kind of situation for Ayo Jay, and I’m glad that he opted for the “go hard” . Now, I really want to listen to this song, all day, every day.

  1. Said


They did an official music video  for this song, but nothing beats a live performance. Especially not this live performance. The entire fusion with the band gave this song so much life. People don’t give enough credit to him, but Shado Chris who produced this jam totally killed it with the beats. Nasty C and Runtown are definitely stars to watch out for in 2018.

What were your favorite African jams for  2017?  Let me know via the comments section below.

Have a blessed New Year!

New Music Video Alert; Nandy- Kivuruge


I have never waited for a music video to drop like I waited for this one. I know I say this a lot, but I was seriously worried that by the time she released the video, I’d be completely  over the song. I’m one of those (and I’ve mentioned this here before) that will discover a song that I like and it becomes the only song that I will listen to for about three days, a thousand times a day. I’m not even exaggerating!! After which,  I just can’t stand to listen to it ever again.

The song was written by Jay Melody, a THT label mate. I have to admit that I’m torn between Nagusa and this particular jam, as they are my favorite tracks from Nandy so far. There’s something about these two jams that have me in awe at her musical prowess.

Nandy is one of the very few artists that explicitly celebrates the African and Swahili Culture through her melody and music videos and Kivuruge (Someone who creates disorder) is no exception. She doesn’t have any make up on and the girl’s glowing skin is a sight to behold. Probably a challenge to embrace who you are, just as you are. I personally think that the video could have retained the Swahili theme, but yet still have more visual appeal. Although I could  be wrong, considering the sound- it’s a very targeted kind of song for a very specific audience.

What do you think about it?

Drop me a comment below.

The week that was; afromuziq-ally speaking


Hope that you had a great week. Christmas is almost here and  I personally just can’t wait. That aside, let’s get into what was making headlines this past week in the African Music Scene.

DJ Maphorisa calls out Cassper Nyovest 

It was as awkward as it would have been in real life when you’re with your crew, having the time of your life, you share some exciting news and then someone calls you out. It’s actually even more awkward for the rest of the crew that have to experience it all go down, not having a clue as to what they should be doing when two people have a go at each other. Maphorisa had his a** blocked, after which he clarified that he only wanted to set the record straight and that he still respects Cassper.

Nigeria’s Timaya and Ghana’s Stonebwoy up for a Grammy.

This is for their feature on Morgan Heritage’s “Avrakedabra” album, that has been nominated under the Best Reggae Album category for the 2018 Grammy Awards. And needless to say, this is huge. Whether they scoop this one or not, it’s already a win for Africa.

Vanessa Mdee and Tiwa Savage divide fans over awards. 


The Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards (AFSAs) 2017, which was themed, African Fashion is the Future #FashionTakeover took place this past week in Kampala, Uganda. It was all glitz, glamour, a touch of royalty; everything that you could possibly want to experience with a high fashion event. Except for one thing, Tiwa Savage was crowned the Most Stylish Female Artist in Africa, while fans of Vanessa Mdee thought that she (Vanessa) deserved the award, considering the votes garnered by each of the artists. I will leave this to your discernment.

Rita Ora dances along to Maleek Berry’s Kontrol

And this is how you know Africa is taking over the world.

Is there anything that I missed out on which should be on my highlights?

Let me know via the comments section below.


The week that was “afromuziq-ally” speaking”

What’s good!!!!How you doing??

I hope that you are enjoying the holiday season and doing everything that you possibly can to wrap up 2017 in an phenomenal way. Just 21 days left people, let’s get the ball rolling if you haven’t done that already.

Now let’s do what we came here to do, which is to talk about the most notable events of this past week, within the African Music Scene.

The Burna Boy/Mr 2Kay drama far from over

What started with these Tweets from Burna Boy

has quickly escalated into some kind of soap opera drama that just won’t come to an end. Let me explain…..After the Tweets, Mr 2Kay did an interview, in which he rebuked his fellow artist for sharing such opinions.


Burna Boy wasn’t so pleased about the interview, to which he responded by hitting up Mr 2kay’s DM,

mr 2kay and burna screen shots

And lo and behold, just about two weeks after the threat was made, Mr 2Kay was  allegedly robbed at gunpoint and assaulted in his room in Lagos, Nigeria, after performing at 2Face’s Buckwyld and Breathless Concert.

Through an exclusive interview with Pulse Nigeria,  Mr 2Kay gave a detailed account of the incident. He revealed that after his performance,  he and his road manager were were headed back to his hotel room, when Burna Boy’s manager joined and accompanied them to his room, trying to start a conversation.

Mr 2Kay revealed that Burna’s manager was among the suspects arraigned in court, in relation to the attack, but his name suspiciously excluded from the court documents. He went ahead to add that Burna had tried reaching out to him through family members and called him with a UK number, apologizing for what had happened and denying his involvement with the incident.

But 2Kay wasn’t buying  any of it. “If I got a threat from you and then something happens to me like this because on your threat you said I should have the same energy that I have when I meet you or your people and in not too long after two weeks this happens and your manager was a part of it, your manager was in my room….” 2Kay said.  He added that Burna during the phone conversation admitted that he did not know it would go this far, as his manager took it upon himself.

G-Worldwide lawsuit against Kiss Daniel

You know the kind of lover that you break up with and they just won’t allow you to move on with your life  because they feel like you owe them big time?……(Well, sometimes they rightfully hold on and destroy your life after the break up for wasting their time and resources)…I don’t know why that’s the first thing that came to mind as I read through this whole situation.

Back to G- Worldwide and I wrote about their lawsuit against Kiss Daniel this past week, so be sure to give it a read. Just a brief, the record label is against Kiss Daniel’s  appointment of a new manager, solicit for bookings, negotiations and performance agreements in respect of songs from the album New Era and Evolution- (which is set to be released soon), under his G- Worldwide contract.Oh! Plus they don’t want him to use his stage name  without the company’s prior consent and permission. What the hell is he supposed to be called now? Hug Daniel??!!

The case it to be heard in January. As usual, I will be keeping tabs on it and  will keep you on the know while at it.

Pulse Music Video Awards 2017

The third edition of the PMVA was for the very first time open for public attendance. And while he might not be scoring “Gospel Awards”, Willy Paul was the biggest winner of the night, scooping the Male Video of the Year and the Most Viewed Nominated Video of the Year Awards, both for  his song Jigi Jigi. Le Band also walked away with 2 awards,  the New Artist of the Year and Best Group Video of the Year Awards. Other winners included Kush Tracey, Fena Gitu, Papa Dennis and Moses Osidana.

Wizkid stops live performance to warn a man aganist assaulting a woman in his life ever again. 


Just how cool is that! Imagine being that talented, considerate and respectful to others. *Claps hands while nodding in approaval* You go Wizkid! This took place in a concert in Kampala, Uganda and I really wonder what happened to the man after being called out like that. But lady that was about to be assaulted, I hope more than anything else that you realized your worth and chose not to stay. (If ever you get to read this)

Shatta Wale claims that Nigerians are now more receptive to his songs. 

He was at the center of controversy when he shared his opinion, on there being nothing special about Wizkid. Nigerians went ham on him and Shatta claims that they are now  patronizing his songs even more. In a recent interview on Ghana’s Hitz FM, Shatta said that more Nigerians are now calling him and even commenting on his songs, which is an advantage to him. He says that with the controversy stirred, he has gotten overwhelming attention, which may not be a good approach to showbiz, but one that worked for him.

Navy Kenzo’s Gold is here

On the 9th of December, which was also Tanzania’s Independence Day, the Navy Kenzo duo got their first child,  which they have named…….wait for it…. Gold. Yes, you certainly read that right. I do wish them nothing but the best as parents.

Is there anything that I missed out on which should be on my highlights?

Let me know via the comments section below.

Have a great week!