New Music Video Alert: Rich Mavoko ft. Patoranking- Rudi

A mellow, beautiful expression of missed love, that Rich Mavoko does so well. And can we talk about how exciting it is to hear Patoranking sing in Swahili?I don’t know about you but I am totally feeling this song.

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New Music Alert: Mimi Mars- Sitamani


Fresh off the Mdee Music Label is Mimi Mars‘ Sitamani. The song is pleasantly different from her songs Shuga and Dede. If you are one of those that couldn’t tell her apart from Vanessa Mdee, thanks to this song, considering that you are paying attention, you can tell that she has her own unique voice and is finally ready to start exploring with different genres of music. The song was produced at Switch Studios.

Of African artists paying for music collaborations with international stars; Diamond shares his experience

You’ve probably heard that artists pay for collaborations, especially when it’s an upcoming artist (or even one that’s trying to widen their fan base), collaborating with an already established artist. This is because of the value added to a song with the already established artist, who also brings in their wide fan base, adding exposure to the song. What an artist will be paid for a collaboration is dependent on them and how they negotiate for it, but it’s some good money for sure. Now when it’s an African artist collaborating with an international star, the figures could even run into millions. Case in point,it’s alleged that M.I Abaga paid $50, 000 to Nas, for him to deliver a verse (just a verse, not two) on his song.


However, during an interview with Dizzim Online, Diamond revealed that he hasn’t paid for any of his collaborations with artists from the U.S. This includes Ne-Yo, Rick Ross  (which is yet to be released officially) and Omarion, (we are also still waiting on this one to drop).

I’ve seen such big stars jumping on a track by a less known artist or even an artist that is already popular but trying to widen their fan base. I have to be real, most are not always the best of works from either of the artists. Most are mere business transactions, where an artist was paid for a collaboration and just has to deliver for the sake of avoiding a lawsuit.

I want to be real for a minute. I loved PSquare. I admired their contribution to Nigeria’s Music industry. However, I wasn’t such a fan of their collaboration with Rick Ross. Not that it was a whack song, some people loved it, but I felt that they had done better songs on their own, just like Rick Ross has as well. I might be wrong, but that’s my honest opinion.

From Diamond, I think we should learn to build our own brands for ourselves, to a point where other artists are able to appreciate our work and even want to work with us at no cost.

Collaborations should be a smart move with intention. I watched an interview on Vanessa Mdee (can’t really remember on which platform), on which she says that she does not charge for international interviews conventionally, but instead has an agreement with an artist to earn royalties for the collaboration.

I hope for a music industry that will not just have artists collaborating for the sake of being associated with big names, but because of adding value to what they already have to offer the music industry.


The week that was: afro-muziqally speaking


I’m sorry I have been silent this past week, been under the weather and decided to gift myself a break. That’s however not to say that I haven’t been paying attention to Africa’s Music Scene (how else would I have survived?!). Now that I have the juice, let’s get into it.

Navy Kenzo duo expecting.

They are what millennials would refer to as “ultimate couple goals”. They have been together for about 9 years now, having met in India and joining the music industry as a couple and as part of music group Pah One. Aika and Nahreel through incredibly stunning photos posted online, revealed that they are expecting a baby boy, who will be named…wait for it…………”Gold”.

Bobbi Wine to hold concert online

Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. And Bobi Wine needs to do a damn show. He was barred from holding concerts in Uganda after failing to support the scrap of the age bill  law that will have Museveni rule Uganda for eternity. Thankfully, we are living in an era where anything and everything is possible, if you  are creative enough. After running a poll on whether he should hold a music show online, he overwhelmingly got the go- ahead that he needed. I simply cannot wait for that one.

Diamond honored for “going platinum” with his Marry You record


Diamond was honored this past week with Universal Music Group (to which he is signed),  after hitting a record six times platinum with his song, “Marry You” that features Ne-Yo. Now let me break it down to you- just in case you don’t understand the musical terminology “platinum”. This is a description of a record that has sold 1 Million units (or times in this particular case). So for Diamond, he has sold 6 million units of this song, which is a first for African artists signed under the Universal Music Group label. Truly living up to his name, “Platnumz”.

The 2017 Beatz Awards Nigeria Nominees

Beatz Awards in Nigeria is basically a ceremony that celebrates those that work behind the scenes of Nigeria’s Music Industry. I’m talking about music producers, song writers, artist managers, music video directors, DJs and entertainment bloggers. In it’s third edition that is set to take place this December, the nominees’ list is out and you can check it out here.  Can someone explain to me why we don’t have such kind of award ceremonies in other African countries?…Anyone?…

Is there anything that I missed? Let me know via the comments section below.

Have a blessed week!


The week that was; afromuziq-ally speaking


I hope that you had yourself a fantastic weekend. I really tried to have this one posted yesterday (as I have been doing this past couple of Sundays) but things just didn’t work out. Forgive me for that.
Now down to business and let me serve you with all the tea that you probably missed out on this previous week regarding Africa’s Music Scene.

M.I Sues Nas

MI Abaga
Nigerian Rapper; M.I Abaga (Image source: 

Yes, you did read that right. M.I and his record label Chocolate City is suing American rap legend NAS for allegedly breaching a contract agreement. It’s alleged that $50, 000 was paid to NAS and a co- defendant Roonie Goodman, to secure a verse by NAS on M.I’s song “Man”, that was to feature on M.I’s album “Chairman“. For it to actually sound like a collaboration between the two artists, the words and phrases “M.I, Chocolate City, Nigeria, Queens, New York, Mandela, Trayvon Martin and the struggles of Africans and African Americans” were a must have on the verse.

NAS wasn’t up for it and therefore decided to send an alternative verse, with neither of the agreed upon names or phrases included and nothing to show that it was an actual collaboration and not just some verse that was randomly included on the song. Chocolate City sent back the verse and NAS and Goodman agreed to work on it and make the desired changes. 2017 and M.I and his team are still waiting for that redone verse. So now, Chocolate City is demanding that NAS and the co-defendant pay $1.1 million, with punitive damages and attorney’s fees, for losses and damages suffered.

M.I calls out Nigerian rappers urging them to step up their game 


Still on M.I, he recently dropped his latest track “You rappers should fix up your lives”,which has been subject to controversy.  On it he raps about Nigerian rappers selling out by being turned into singers for the sake of gaining popularity and being killed by their South African counterparts, who are running these streets in terms of rap music. He also spits about the fact that he should be close to retirement as a rapper but that he wouldn’t have someone to hand over power to and take over his position as a “rap god”, which would force him to keep doing this isht for life. M. I is a cultural icon- I SWEAR. Not just because of his contribution to Hip Hop in Africa but the kind of conversations that he sparks. It’s a revolution waiting to happen, not just in the Hip Hop industry but music in Africa as a whole.

Wizkid and Maleek Berry on the MOBO Awards Nominees’ list

The Music of Black Origins (MOBO) Awards nominees list is out and on that list is Africa’s very own Wizkid on the Best International Act Category, being up against bigwigs Drake, Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Jay Z and  Kendrick Lamar. Maleek Berry is also on the best male category against Dave, Giggs and Skepta. On the best African act nominee list is Davido, Eugy, Juls, Maleek Berry, Mr. Eazi, Sarkodie, Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal and Wizkid.  So VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

AY, Mwana FA and Mkito launch a music label

According to this two pioneering music artists, Tanzania’s music industry lacks a proper music label company that works as it should. They have therefore partnered with, which will have them all work together towards pushing Tanzania’s Music Industry forward.

Mr. P makes solo debut into the music industry. 

After their messy public break up, Mr.P- one half of the Psquare brothers has launched his solo music career (well, he had done a couple of solo music projects but was still part of P Square). Here is his debut solo song.


Bobi Wine prevented from performing

If you thought you had problems, ask Bobi Wine about being banned from performing at music shows when you are an artist. So apparently, such a platform would have him incite the public and Museveni just can’t have that. We all know that  his opposition to the Age Limit Bill that the president and majority of MPs in Uganda want scrapped off is the main issue. I do however have such great respect for Bobi Wine‘s use of his influential position to be the change that he wants to see. The world would be a better place if we had more people like him for sure.

Bahati finally ties the knot

Gospel artist Bahati and his partner Diana Marua

Kenyan Gospel artist Bahati had received a lot of backlash for getting his “prayer partner” Diana Marua pregnant out of wedlock. He however did make her his officially this past weekend in a secret wedding and for that, I wish him nothing but the best.





Music Review; China Love- Victoria Kimani Ft. R.City

China is notoriously known for it’s rampant production of counterfeit goods. Whether it’s that phone, beauty product or designer bag that you’ve been dying to own but can’t necessarily afford, you can bet that you will find a knockoff of it in China. And if you are lucky enough, you can get away with it without anyone knowing that it’s fake. So when Victoria Kimani sings about “China Love”, she is referring to that fake kinda love (which I think exists more than the number of human beings on planet earth).

The song was produced by Nigeria’s Drey Beatz, whose characteristic heavy and rhythmic drum patterns are impossible to miss. Drey also produced among others Victoria Kimani’s Two of Dem, Tubaba’s Home Sweet Home and Ice Prince’s Marry you. Featured on the song is award winning Theron Thomas of the Rock City duo- that are currently such a big deal. Don’t believe me? R. City besides being incredibly talented singers and performers have some mad song writing skills, having written Rihanna’s Man Down, Iyaz’ Replay, Pussy Cat Dolls’ When I grow up, Sean Kingston’s Take you there– the list is endless. Did I mention that Victoria’s song writing skill is also off the chains having written songs for other artists as well? Now you know the creativity behind the song.

To describe Victoria’s vocal range on this song  as “incredible” would be an understatement- you’d be forgiven to think that she uses auto- tune. THE GIRL CAN SING. The chorus and hook are very catchy; you can tell she was aiming for a hit song.  Theron’s join in gets me excited but having Victoria harmonize through his lines takes the  song to a whole new level for me.

The video that was shot in Beijing China and New York was directed by Dae Visuals and  Victoria herself, who was also behind the wardrobe and makeup. The breathtaking scenery of the Great Wall of China and colorful background as we are walked through the streets is everything that you would like and enjoy to watch. Simple and yet very appealing to the eye.

The general idea of the song according to Victoria Kimani is to patiently wait for something real rather than settle for anything less than what is truly deserved.

Here’s what I don’t get though; Victoria sings about that not wanting China love and yet selects China as her shoot location,(which is already shade in itself). The incredible shots taken to express something that she would not want is beyond me. Or is it that I just don’t get art?

Let me know via the comments section below, as well as if you like the song or not.

G Nako Covers Alikiba’s Seduce Me


In a rare creative combination of  RnB and Hip Hop elements comes this brand new cover of Alikiba‘s hit song, Seduce me by Weusi’s G Nako.  An unexpected but refreshing twist to the original version of the song,  thanks to G Nako’s unique style of music that has him own the song despite it being a cover.


I don’t know about you but I am really loving the cover.

Tell me what you think about it as well via the comments section below.

Is it a hit or a miss?