New Music Video Alert: Skales Gbefun Onetime Ft. Burna Boy


Off Skales‘ sophomore album “The never say never guy”  is this latest track featuring Burna Boy and produced by Egar Boi.



The amazing Wizkid verse that didn’t make the cut on Drake’s One Dance.

I’m a bit late on this one. But just in case you don’t know, Wizkid actually had an entire verse on Drake’s One Dance, that did not make it to the final cut of the song.  Yes, Starboy did get international recognition for his role in writing the song. But do you know just how big of an impact having a verse on that song would have had on Wizkid’s career? I am talking about a song that was on the number one spot for 10 weeks straight, on Billboard Hot 100 charts and was the most streamed song on Spotify ever, (as of 2016) with over 950 million individual streams. Let’s not even get into the song getting a Grammy nomination. But mad props to Drake  for being smart on this one…If at all he let Wizkid’s verse be on the song, he would have stolen all the shine and murdered Drake 😉

What do you think about it?




New Music Video Alert: Saida Karoli Ft. Belle 9 & G Nako- Kichaka


OG –Saida Karoli meets new cats-(I use “new cats” loosely, comparing them to how much longer Karoli has been doing music) Belle 9 and G Nako on Kichaka, an upbeat tune that is a definite club banger. Saida Karoli’s style of music has remained largely intact, but with just right amount of a modern sound, which will go a long way in attracting today’s audience.

What do you think about the song?

A letter to M.I- M.I’s Clapback


MI Abaga
M.I Abaga- Image source:

Late last week, I served you with some tea on a HipHop track by LEAD, that’s basically about M.I‘s lost glory as a Hip Hop artist. I shared my  take on the song and what I think about M.I. (Sips on tea) …

M.I clapped back. And not at KEAD but on Pulse Nigeria’s writer, Ayomide Tayo (who also wrote an open letter to M.I after KEAD’s release).

Click on the links provided. They will get you up-to speed with the entire story, so that we are on the same page.





With that done, grab your popcorn. This is how it all went down.

Like I said before on my previous article, I love M.I. But…I am going to be as unbiased as I possibly can on this particular subject. M.I joined the music scene in the early 2000s. Through his easy going with a heavily- loaded- punchlines kind of rap technique, the music scene and especially HipHop was revolutionized.  Over the past few years, there has been a shift in M.I’s flow and the content that feeds his music, contrary to what we were used to from him before. And probably why some of us are too hard on him.Trust, once you have experienced such a kind of musical prowess, there is no going back. You just cannot settle for less.  Sample “The Chairman” and tell me if you’ve listened to anything as phenomenal.

Here’s where I disagree with M.I. As an entertainment journalist, I am allowed to analyze and give my honest opinion about an artist and\or their work, whether positive or negative.  Did M.I have the right to respond to the criticism? ABSOLUTELY. However, not with insults aimed at the writer and certainly not by discrediting him for doing his job and very much so within his right.

I do agree that it’s common for most entertainment journalists to dwell more on the negative aspects of things as opposed to the positive, just like M. I pointed out.  “Bad News makes for good news”- sadly. But try this; balance. Celebrate artists and give credit where it’s due and yet still, call them out on what you think isn’t right.

As for artists, much as you want to be acknowledged for your good work, you need to be open to negative criticism as well. Decide on what you want to pick and learn from and what to ignore.

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship (between journalists and artists) that when properly nurtured will  arts and entertainment the lift that they both need.(Don’t get it twisted- I’m not talking about kissing a**)

The Pulse Nigerian writers along with M.I had a sit down and did a podcast on the issues raised with the letter. I will be giving my take on it in an upcoming article. So do watch out for that.



New Music Video Alert: Patoranking Ft Diamond Platnumz


Patoranking has without a doubt proven to be the king of collaborations in Africa, having worked with artists from all over the continent. (Great strategy my man! Great strategy). Diamond  too has had his own share of Pan- African collaborations. I’m glad that this was a Patoranking song, but one that he chose to have East Africa’s Simba (Lion) jump on it, considering the value that he would add to it. And Diamond did deliver, adding that needed punch and energy to the song.

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In other news, (not that it matters) but if you were among those “concerned” on Patoranking’s “new born child” being too big for his/her age, I need you to have several seats because clearly, the photo was taken on the set of this particular video. And ofcourse it got you talking so the Dancehall star did get the buzz he needed.

What do you think about the song?..Let me know via the comments section below.


African party songs that you should be listening to.

Thank God it’s Friday. It’s been such a long week and so you need just the right kind of music to unwind, get into a party mood before dancing your way into a new week with it’s own share of responsibilities to be fulfilled.

Here’s a list of some of the songs you should be having on your playlist for that perfect enjoyable weekend.













Is there any other song that you think I should add to the list?

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Do have yourself a fantastic weekend.